Go Jahmene!

"Thank you for believing in me" - Jahmene's message to customers

Jahmene thanked Asda colleagues and customers for all their support and recorded this video message saying “You’ve believed in me and helped me believe in myself”:

We caught up with him at Asda House ahead of the launch of his album “Love Never Fails”.

Does it feel strange to be going back to Asda Swindon to sign your album?

It will be good to see my old colleagues there. It’s never weird for me because it feels like I’m just going to see my friends but it might be weird for them when people are like “Oh, can I have your picture!”

Do you get recognised?

Yes. It’s funny when people go “Hi Jerome I’m your biggest fan!” It makes me laugh all the time. You can’t correct them because it makes you look like a diva! People remember Jahmazing more than they remember my name!

Are you still in touch with any of the X Factor judges or contestants?

I’m still in touch with Nicole. It’s harder to keep in touch with the rest of them because they’re all busy. James is 24/7 busy; Ella, Lucy, Jade, Ellis – they’re all doing something. Chris has got his single out soon.

Is Nicole the same in real life as she is on TV?

She’s even cooler than on TV! It’s funny watching her go from being silly into professional mode. I’ve learnt so much from her. When you surround yourself with positive people you learn something about yourself because you’re reflecting. When you surround yourself with negative people you don’t self-reflect you just end up being what someone else wants you to be.

Will you be watching X Factor next time?

Next year I think I’ll be in America a lot but I’ll try to tune in. I’ll be jealous because Nicole’s mentoring other people. That’s not acceptable!

Tell us about the new album

It’s an album of gospel interpretations! We went through a list of songs that mean something to me. A lot of them are from moments of my life when I’ve been low – like “I Look to You” is one I connected with at my brother’s funeral so it’s nice to share it with other people who might be going through the same thing. I’m writing stuff at the moment too. Hopefully people will see a different twist on things. Some of the greatest songs in the world are covered – like “Make you feel my love” by Adele. Titanium was a dance track before and hopefully now people can get strength from the song and see it in a different way.

What was it like recording with Stevie Wonder?

It’s crazy! We didn’t record the song in the same studio but I’m supposed to be meeting him in September. I’ll have to prepare myself because it’s Stevie Wonder! I’m so dippy when it comes to meet big people, but hopefully I’ll just keep it real.

Have you been practising your signature?

Yes – I had to sign 500 copies of my album the other day! I used to sign using my bank signature. Now I just sign Jahmene.

Jahmene will be in store signing his album on the following dates:

Monday 22nd July

  • Asda Swindon – noon to 2pm
  • Asda Milton Keynes – 6pm to 8pm

July 23rd

  • Asda Sheffield – noon to 2pm
  • Asda Trafford Park – 5pm to 7pm
Posted in Go Jahmene! on 18 July 2013