Tommy's - How Tommy's can help

"You're always thinking - will I ever have a child?"

After going through three very difficult pregnancies, twice miscarrying at 17 and a half weeks and once more at the 18-week mark, Lisa began to wonder if she’d ever have a child.

She shares her experience of her fourth pregnancy, and the support, care and funding that she received from Tommy’s and Dr. Andy Shennan, in the video below.

With the help of Tommy’s and the staff at St. Thomas, Lisa successfully carried her pregnancy to full-term, and gave birth to two healthy baby girls, twin daughters Holly and Ella. Lisa says, “Without him [Andy], and the funding from Tommy’s, I really do believe that I wouldn’t have these twins here today.”

“It’s not just the funding side – it’s the emotional. They gave us support, and we are truly grateful to them for all the help they’ve given us.”

Posted in Tommy's - How Tommy's can help on 04 February 2013