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Whether it’s planned or impromptu, whether the sun decides to make an appearance or not, at Asda we’ve got everything you need for your summer BBQ evening. Mix up your offerings of the staple sausage and the basic burger, dare to be different and impress your friends with a selection of authentic barbecue products that will have everyone thinking they’ve just landed in The States for the evening!

Try our Butcher's Selection ribs

We sent our chefs on a road trip for inspiration to the home of the BBQ smoke house (Dallas, Memphis and Kansas City) to ensure you have an authentically finger-lickin’ good BBQ experience. Here they discovered the hottest trends in BBQ from the experts themselves, sampled America’s finest BBQ offerings and competed against the world’s best BBQers. As a result of this trip we rustled up this authentic fuss-free selection to bring the true taste of the American rib shack to you. In the coming weeks we will run a mini series of blogs on each of the BBQ rib shack products including pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken wings and rib racks, there is something in the range to suit all tastes so stay tuned!

Smoky BBQ rack of ribs

Our favourite this week is the Smoky BBQ pack of ribs which recently won Gold at The Grocer Food & Drink Awards 2013. These ribs are hand trimmed basted ribs for extra succulence. The ribs are then marinated in our special smoky barbecue seasoning for 24 hours and then cooked long ‘n’ slow until they are fall-apart tender. All you need to do is pop them in the oven for 25-30 minutes then finish them off on the ‘barbie’ for a few minutes (or finish off in the oven if the rain makes a spontaneous appearance). Finally complete these succulent rib racks by pouring over our spicy smoked flavoured tomato sauce for its final cooking minutes. And don’t forget any 2 for £6 across the entire rib-shack range!

Handy Tip! Don’t forget for when the sun appears at a moment’s notice you can keep these in the freezer for any last minute barbecue occasions!

Posted by Charlie on 27 June 2013
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