Asda have struck gold again, this time at the BPEX (British Pig Executive) organised Great Bacon Revolution Awards. As part of Bacon Connoisseurs Week, BPEX invited retailers of British bacon across the UK to send in their tastiest packs in the hope of being named top rasher in one of 16 categories.

The competition attracted over 300 entries from retailers, butchers and farm shops, with Asda Extra Special Cherrywood Smoked Dry Cure Back Bacon being named as the best smoked bacon in the supermarkets section.

Asda’s award winner is thick cut, hand rubbed in salt and smoked over natural cherrywood for a subtle smokiness that really delivers on taste. The Extra Special bacon range has recently undergone a re-vamp with new higher welfare Outdoor Bred back rashers and Oregano infused lardons both added. Our aim is to offer a premium British bacon range that lends itself to a host of meal occasions, helping to get one of Britain’s favourite foods on your menu more often.

Posted by Charlie on 25 June 2013

Great news – Our Extra Special Scottish Smoked Salmon with Malt Whisky has won a Gold at the Grocer Food and Drink awards.

As part of judging for these awards consumer panels are held, the customer judges felt “the inclusion of malt whisky was an indulgence”. The quality of the fish was the key selling point as the salmon was “succulent”, “moist” and “very fresh” the product was described as a subtle taste of malt whisky, but a strong smoked flavour.

All our Asda Extra Special Smoked Salmon is from the west coast and islands of Scotland. The rough, tidal waters in this area mean our fish are strong and lean – we like to think ‘fit’.

We then fillet, bone and hand trim the salmon sides, before we apply sea salt and just a little demerara sugar for sweetness, to round the smoke flavour notes in the finished product.

We smoke all our Extra Special smoked salmon for 24 hours. We think this is just right to create a rich smoke balanced flavour, with a delicate, velvety texture. It is then sliced and just before we pack the carefully selected slices we give them a generous coating of our specially selected Glen Moray Classic® Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

The slices of smoked salmon then retain a robust whisky aroma yet a gentle oaky flavour which enable the delicate smoked salmon flavour but does not over power it.

Posted by Charlie on 07 June 2013
Fresh Meat and Poultry

We’re so proud of our Butcher’s Selection BBQ range that we took it to Memphis to compete with the best BBQ food in the world!

Memphis team

The team, headed up by chef Mark, cooked up a feast at the World BBQ Championships for the judges including our delicious Bourbon ribs, hand-trimmed and authentically smoked over cherrywood chips, then marinated for 24 hours in a sweet seasoning and slow-cooked ‘til they’re fall-apart tender.

They were inspired by our first trip to Memphis last year which was the inspiration behind the whole US-style BBQ range including sweet and smoky pulled pork, slow-cooked beef brisket and chicken wings.

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Posted in Fresh Meat and Poultry on 24 May 2013
Fresh Meat and Poultry

We all agree the Memphis world BBQ competition is the best place to come and visit for inspiration as there are some amazing stands that inspire thoughts around packaging and theatre.

Mark greets the judges at the stand

The competition grounds are about a mile long next to the Mississippi river in Tom Lee Park and are full with just over 250 teams and 1,000s of barbecue fans. Here, great slabs of meat – beef, whole hog, whole shoulder, ribs and more exotic cuts – are slow-cooked over wood fires from 5-18 hours at a time. The pit masters baste and mop slowly, keeping the meat tender, while the different types of wood cherry hickory, mesquite and apple infuse it with flavour. There are lots of sauces to compliment the meat sweet mustard smoky bbq and hot vinegar just to name a few.

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Posted in Fresh Meat and Poultry on 24 May 2013

Competing in last year’s World Championships in Memphis inspired us to create the range of ribs, briskets, pulled pork and chicken wings that’s in store now. We’re passionate about BBQ food so we returned to Memphis this year to compete against the best of the best and get inspiration for next year!

The outside of the stand

The competition runs from Thursday to Saturday and consists of teams from all around the world. It was fantastic working with the team out there – they all pulled their weight and worked terrifically in the hot muggy conditions.

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Posted by Richard on 24 May 2013