Community Champion Sharon helps schoolchildren grow their own food

Sharon Gregory-Wareing, the Community Champion at our Southport store, is a regular visitor to nearby Birkdale Primary School – and here she is getting the children excited about growing their own fruit and veg.

Sharon with the kids

Sharon joined a total of 64 pupils and their teachers across various classes to talk to them about growing their own food.

Sharon brought the compost, seeds and tools and the kids loved getting involved by planting carrot, cress, tomato, strawberry and spring onion seeds. They took some of the plants home and kept the rest at the school. They’ll be looking after them as they grow over the next few weeks.

Headteacher Nick Sheeran said: "Sharon is an absolute star, a real friend to the school and an absolutely fantastic lady. We really look forward to her visits – she’s always smiling and always comes in with great new ideas.

“The seed planting project has gone really well and has made a big impact – the kids are so excited about it and are keen to show us all what they’ve been planting.”

Sharon said: "I don’t think any of the children had done anything like it before and it was great to see them getting involved with something different. They loved it and thought it was brilliant!

Kids enjoying the workshop

“I volunteer at this fantastic school roughly six or seven times a year and have been going there for six years. The teachers are great – so supportive and lots of fun.”

Posted in Community on 05 May 2017