Bolton youngsters treated to hedgehog-themed baking class

Little ones at a nursery school enjoyed a special bread-making session arranged by our Bolton store’s Community Champion Christine Baldwin

Christine with one of the pupils

Christine Baldwin was joined by Bakery Manager Mark Entwistle as they taught a total of 52 youngsters from the nursery at St Matthew’s Primary School in two sessions themed around the book by Usborne called That’s Not My Hedgehog.

Christine read the groups the story, which explores the textures and reasons why the hedgehog on each page is different, and the children were given samples of a variety of textures mentioned in the book to feel.

With the youngsters

Mark spoke to the children about how bread is made and what ingredients are involved, and each child created a hedgehog made from the balls of dough with two eyes and a nose made from currants.

Smiles all round

Christine said: “It was the best two sessions that I have ever delivered. The children were so responsive and thoroughly enjoyed this sensory session. They were thrilled to receive their hedgehogs baked and delivered back to the school the following day with each child’s name upon the cellophane wrapped bread.”

Posted in Community on 13 June 2017