Name: Rebecca Rimmington
D.O.B: 14th January 1983
Website: www.bexrimmington.com
Current Team: Melton Olympic CC
Road World Ranking: 1st

2010 Race Results

1st UCI World Cup Time Trial ~ June
1st Bilbao UCI Cup Road Race Stage 3 ~ May
1st Bilbao UCI Cup General Classification ~ May
1st Bayonne UCI Cup Road Race Stage 1 ~ May
1st Bayonne UCI Cup Time Trial Stage 2 ~ May
1st Bayonne UCI Cup Road Race Stage 3 ~ May
1st Bayonne UCI Cup Road Race Stage 4 ~ May
1st Bayonne UCI Cup General Classification ~ May
1st National Disability Road Race Championships ~ June
1st National Disability Criterium Series Salt Ayre ~ May
1st Rudy Project National Time Trial Series Round 1 ~ March
1st Rudy Project National Time Trial Series Round 3 ~ April
1st Rudy Project National Time Trial Series Round 5 ~ August
1st Wyre Forest Midland SPOCO ~ April
1st VTTA Open Time Trial ~ May
1st Liverpool Century 10-mile Time Trial ~ June
1st Coventry Cycling Club 10-mile Time Trial ~ July
2nd VTTA 25-mile Time Trial ~ May
2nd UCI World Cup Road Race ~ June
6th UCI World Championship Time Trial ~ August
6th UCI World Championship Road Race ~ August

Posted 18 December 2010

Well as the end of 2010 approaches – what a year it has been! With the highs of winning the World and the Europa Cups to the lows of not achieving the results we were capable of at the World Championships – this year has certainly had it all. Along with the many adventures that have happened on the tandem, in a bizarre way this is posssibly one of the hardest blogs that I have had to write.

I suppose really I should explain why this is so difficult. December closes the end of a chapter for me being on the British Para-cycling Academy. With not achieving the results at the World Championships this year, meant a reduction in funding – which ultimately meant that I would have to go back to work, as well as trying to balance full-time training and racing. Unfortunately being on the academy and in this situation is just not a viable option.

It is a very difficult decision to step away from the academy, but for one it will certainly not stop me going after and achieving my goals and ambitions in 2011. I finished 2010 ranked number one in the world on the tandem, and I have every ambition of being back there again.

At the beginning of the year, Catherine Merry gave us a great talk at the ASDA Sporting Chance day saying that everyone wants to take the direct route to achieve their goals, but as we all know, that never really happens. The one thing is to enjoy the journey, even if you never make it to your destination.

More than anything, this year I have enjoyed and loved every moment of racing on the tandem, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the ASDA Sporting Chance scheme – who have helped fund all those vital preparation races in the UK to enable us to peak at major championships and to purchase and maintain equipment throughout the season. The 120-mile instore ride at Oadby, Leicester was a great day – even if I was riding stationary for 5 ½ hours, the support showed from the staff and public that day was overwhelming.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m never down for long, and I’m certainly not going to stop competing – if anything it has made me all the more determined to succeed. Besides if sport was easy, everyone would do it. There have been numerous athletes who have shown that it is possible, those in UK Athletics who had their funding cut and went on to perform superbly this year, and cyclists who have shown that it is possible to achieve their goals outside the academy set up.

So what does 2011 hold? For the moment I am planning my newly revised season, but I have been offered a place on a new team and will be competing in the UK and in Europe which is exciting. I’ll also be working on developing new and up coming talent on the tandem – and hopefully passing on my experience and knowledge.

So all that remains to be said is a massive thank you to all those at ASDA and those that have followed my season throughout 2010.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and new year and I hope you continue to follow my progress in 2011.


Posted 18 December 2010

Hey everyone,

Well with the snow coming down I thought it was another ideal opportunity to catchup with all my followers. I’m back into full training again now, and been very lucky to have our first track session today, just in time for the white stuff falling out of the sky!

Living in Manchester and being part of the academy, means every Wednesday afternoon we have workshops on the various aspects of top level performance. From there we can take the knowledge and apply it to our own performance. The main thing being on the academy is that we take responsibility for what we learn and use.

Our first workshop of the year was certainly an eye-opener as we all had to sit a Health & Hygiene certificate to ensure that we wouldn’t poison our housemates! It was certainly funny listening to some of the stories in the group, and the one fact I’ll never forget is when you open up a packet of flour and you see it move – it’s because it actually is – because of the mites living in it! Eeeeeewwwww! Alongside that we have had nutrition, physiology, and injury prevention workshops with a whole heap more before Christmas. Its great to learn new things from the best guys in the business.

I’ve also been having some fun doing cyclo-cross which is great for sharpening up the bike handling skills. I think I could become very addicted to this discipline its such good fun and an opportunity to get a bit muddy! However my attentions at the moment are gaining selection for the World Paracycling Track Championships in Italy at the beginning of March, so there is a lot of hard work ahead, and a busy calendar for next year already being planned.

Alongside all the hard work, there has been the opportunity to have a few adventures! Having been given a route to follow, how difficult could it be to follow signposts – except however when somebody has switched the signposts around! My nice 4 hour ride turned into 6hours and I even found out where Lancaster was – by accident of course!

And finally it wouldn’t be the same without a photo! This one was taken from Rutland Water heading out on an off-road adventure. I was also able to pick up a selection of goodies from Rutland Cycling from my 120mile fundraising activities.

So time for some much needed rest and recovery ready for tomorrows session!

Thanks for following.


Posted 01 December 2010

Howdy peeps!

Well what a day!

It was fundraising day at ASDA Oadby today and I set myself the challenge of cycling 120-miles instore, which is the exact distance from the store in Leicester to the Olympic Velodrome in Stratford, London. It was kind of cool as well that the 120 also carries the numbers ‘20’ and ‘12’ = 2012!

To say that the public were unbelievable in their donations would be a massive understatement! We set up a raffle and I was very fortunate that ASDA donated a £15 gift voucher, Everyone Active a family swimming voucher and activity pass, Twinlakes leisure park donated a family day out and Rutland Cycles donated a family cycle hire for the day.

After 120-miles on my rollers, in a time of 5-hours 29-minutes and 39-seconds “I did it”! It was brilliant! I met so many supportive customers in store, and the Leicester Mercury even came along to do an article.

So the verdict….. £274.96! I was overwhelmed by the final total! The money will now mean i can enter the national events next year around the UK as well as purchase some new equipment ready for 2011.

I have to say a huge thank you to the companies that donated the prizes, ASDA Oadby for the support and opportunity to do the fundraising, the ASDA lady that was selling cakes at the door alongside me…. she got me through the last 40-miles by selling a different variety of muffins, flapjacks, minirolls and cookies every 10-miles! The announcers on the shop floor who were keeping the customers and staff informed of my progress, and of course my mum for giving up her time to stand on the door selling raffle tickets. As you can see it was definately a team effort and it would not have been possible without the help and support of everyone there today. So a huge ‘THANK YOU!’

Now i’m heading back up to Manchester ready for my next set of adventures so look forward to updating you all soon!


Posted 29 October 2010

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my latest blog! Well whats been happening of late. Well I’ve been enjoying my end of season break and taking part in some new and exciting projects.

Earlier in the year I helped out at the Top Link Schools Festival at the Vale of Catmose College in Oakham – where I used to be a swimming teacher. Primary schools from around the area attended the day and took part in a variety of sports. My job for the day was to choose youngsters that displayed the seven Olympic & Paralympic values. The top sport organisers that arranged the day, awards and sporting program were superb and it was great to see such talent in so many areas.

A couple of weeks ago I also took the opportunity to go to the Cycle Show in Earls Court London. For any cyclist its like being a child in a sweet shop with so many bikes, new equipment and kit around – and all under one roof! I was running from stand to stand – although I’m sure if you see the photographs the problem was actually getting me off the test track trying all the bikes! I even had a go on a penny farthing!

Then last weekend, I had the honour of helping coach at the Para-Triathlon open day and performance weekend. It was great to see so many athletes attending the day, and I really hope that come 2016 Para-triathlon is introduced into the Paralympics. The guys at British Triathlon are doing a great job in raising the profile of the sport. My roll for the weekend was helping the pilots and VI athletes on the tandem giving them a few hints and tips along the way. In such a short space of time there was a massive difference from everyone from start to finish! It really was a great weekend – so thank you to British Triathlon for the opportunity to attend.

So onto this week and I’m fundraising with my local ASDA store in Oadby – so if your around please pop down to say hello and see what we’re up to!

Stay posted!

Posted 26 October 2010