ASDA Minworth

I was fortunate enough to be home for a spell several weeks ago where I arranged to meet the events managers at ASDA Minworth. I arrived and had a really good chat with Sue and Karl, they were lovely and so enthusiastic about helping me to raise funds and awareness of handball in the UK.

They had loads of great suggestions and made everything so easy for me – all I had to do was say yes to some of their crazy ideas!! I am going to have a great time working with ASDA when I am home for the summer. I will be visiting lots of schools – hopefully including my old primary school to do some handball coaching, but I will also be spending a whole day locked in a cage in the middle of the store!! They say they won’t release me until customers have helped raise funds for my my path to the Olympics!! It sounds like great fun and I will be sure to take my camera and upload some pictures afterwards!!

Thank you so much ASDA for this opportunity!!!!!

Posted 25 May 2010