This is just a quick entry to thank ASDA and Sportsaid so much for giving me the topup grant of £300. It’ll help with my training so much and help me fulfill so much more in the coming year. Thankyou for everything you have done for me in this past year. I have enjoyed everything I have done involving both sportsaid/ASDA.

Posted 08 December 2011

So i’ve got a busy next few weeks ahead of me! Iam going into my Asda Store tomorrow, to give a presentation about my skating and tell the store about there Asda Athlete.

I also have an IJS national competition in Deeside, Wales on Thursday 6th of October and Friday 7th of October. This is a qualifier competition for the British Championships in November. This would be to qualify for the junior category in the British. I am very excited for this competition and working really hard in the last few training sessions I have left before I leave for Desside.
Will post a new blog of my results soon:D

Posted 28 September 2011

So this week i spent my weekend in Aberdeen. I was there for a club international to compete in the Junior Pairs section. It was my first pairs competition as a Junior Pair. Me and my partner went out and skated our short at 11 o’clock on friday morning. We skated basically clean with only one mistake, which was i fell on the side by side jumps. Our points came up and for the short we got 20 points, we were sitting 10 points ahead of the couple in 2nd place. On saturday morning we skated our long programme at 9 o clock. It was almost clean with a few minor errors. For this programme we scored 37 points, giving us a total score of 57. This put us in the lead by 30 points. We were both very happy with our programmes over the weekend and as we won the competition we also won the title of Scottish Junior Pair Champions. I really enjoyed the weekend.

Posted 09 August 2011

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wow! my last two weeks have been great! iam just back from toronto, Canada. I was there with my skating partner Lewis Gibson. We went there for a week long training camp with the top pairs and solo coaches in Canada and throughout the world. Skating alongside former olympic competitors aswell. We spent one full week with skating nonstop from around 8am to 6pm everyday. It was very intense, but amazing. I learnt so much while i was there and am now excited to be home to put all that hardwork into practice.I loved and hope to go back there again next year!

The photo is me my partner and Lee Barkel the top Pairs coach in Canada :)

Posted 21 July 2011

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Wow, this month has been pretty busy! I got awarded the athlete of the month for may! thank you so much to Asda and sports aid for awarding me this title.

I also took a trip down to my asda girvin on Saturday 25th June to visit my store and bag pack there.
Also that day i had to drive 5 hours up north to elgin, so i could sit 3 tests on the 26th of June. they were level 9 field moves, and level 8 elements and free. I passed both the level 8 parts but failed the level 9 field moves :(

also a week on Friday (8th June) me and my skating partner go to Canada for a skating school in Barrie, Ontario. I can’t wait, and will keep you updated how it goes!
Here’s a picture of me and my store colleague Michelle awarding me my sport said athlete of the month voucher :)

Posted 28 June 2011