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The Buchanan Centre receive a further donation of £1,500

The Asda Foundation first supported this centre earlier in the year by donating £10,000 to repair the kitchen roof and fit out the kitchen with new tiling, units and sink.

It was founded by Rev Tom Jarvis 40 years ago and served six of the elderly residents in the centre – they now serve 120 people with a three course meal, five days a week!

Buchanan Centre

They have 36 volunteers who deliver the food to the local residents. Sally Clark (pictured above – left) has worked in the Buchanan Centre for the past ten years and is delighted with the support the Asda Foundation has given. She said that with the old equipment and small sink she has suffered backache and her job was harder, it is now a pleasure to come to work and not worry about health and safety and is thrilled with the new kitchen.

Buchanan Centre

Anne Dempster (pictured above) runs the centre. Also pictured is Minister Colin Strong, GSM George Robertson and Irene King, Community Life Champion.

Anne was overwhelmed with the further donation of £1,500 to help the centre out with food purchases over the festive period. With the energy bills soaring they were getting a bit worried as to how they would manage over the two week period – but they will now be able to relax with the knowledge that all their users will have decent meals over Christmas.

Posted in Asda Foundation - Scotland on 07 May 2013