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Asda Mumdex report reveals that mums opt for tradition over technology on Christmas Day

  • 1 in 3 working parents worry about missing their child’s nativity play
  • 35% will ban technology at the Christmas dinner table
  • Mums say that traditional values are more important than technology on Christmas Day

Asda is answering the call of busy working parents this Christmas by offering colleagues ‘nativity leave’ to ensure they don’t miss out on their little one’s starring role in the school play.

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Posted in Press Centre on 03 December 2013
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Discretionary income up £2 a week year-on-year says Asda Income Tracker

  • The average UK household had £160 a week of discretionary income in November 2013 – the highest level since July 2012
  • Essential item inflation now stands at 2.0%, the slowest rate since February 2010, well down from the 3.0% seen just a few months ago
  • Falling unemployment also played its part – down to 7.4%, its lowest level for four and a half years
  • Good news for motorists too, as the cost of fuel fell by 3.6% year on year

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that family spending power increased by £2 a week year-on-year in November, just in time for Christmas – driven by a sharp reduction in essential item inflation and the lowest unemployment rate in four and a half years.

According to the latest figures, released today (Monday 23rd December), the average UK family had £160 of discretionary income available to them in November 2013, up £2 a week on the same month last year – the highest level since July 2012 (£161 a week).

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Posted in Press Centre on 23 December 2013
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With Christmas just around the corner, an Asda store in Cornwall has made sure that one important customer has no problem finding a parking spot.

As one of the supermarket’s most southerly stores, Asda Falmouth has reserved a special parking space for Santa Claus, in case he decides to pop in for some last minute shopping whilst on his travels.

Store colleagues wanted to make sure that the man in question had a special space for his sleigh and reindeer, should he wish to make a quick pit-stop on his journey.

Yesterday, Asda’s Christmas helpers were on standby and eagerly anticipating the arrival of Father Christmas.

Steve Lehan, store manager at Asda Falmouth, said: “Christmas Eve is obviously the busiest time of year for Santa, so we thought we would save him precious time by creating his very own ‘sleigh-parking’ space.”

The space is painted with the words “Reserved for Santa” and the ordinary customer parking space near the front of the store has been revamped, complete with sleigh and reindeer.

It also comes with ’Santa’s little helpers’ so that the ‘man in red’ can spot the space immediately on arrival at the store.

“The parking space is at the front of the store for his convenience and even has festive helpers to keep an eye on it to make sure that no-one else parks there,” added Steve.

“It’s created a lot of excitement amongst our younger customers who, like the rest of us, are looking forward to Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.”

Posted in Press Centre on 17 December 2013
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  • Asda offers support to communities across the UK worst hit by storm
  • The retailer is distributing funds to 39 of the country’s local stores to help customers affected by flooding and loss of power

Severe storms have left many areas of the UK damaged and disrupted this Christmas Eve with approximately 27 thousand people without power and thousands more affected by flooding.

However help is at hand from Asda. The retailer has distributed £3,500 in vital funds to each of the 39 stores in the UK’s worst hit areas.

Asda has donated £2,500 with a further £1,000 coming from the Asda Foundation – Asda’s charitable arm. The money will provide food, clothing and much needed supplies to combat the devastating effects of the storm.

Store managers will be speaking to their local councils, emergency services and community leaders to identify those most in need and distribute funds accordingly.

Andy Clarke, Asda CEO commented: "This really is the nightmare before Christmas for many people, however at Asda our colleagues are renowned for going above and beyond for their local communities.

“This Christmas Eve, the least we can do is try to help those worst hit by the adverse weather conditions.”

Paul Kelly, external affairs director and chair, the Asda Foundation also added: “Our stores will be working with councils in the worst affected areas to identify the people most in need as it’s hugely important to the Asda Foundation to be able to give something back to the communities that need it most.”

All stores across the South West and Northern Ireland will receive funding as well as Farnborough in Surrey, Wheatley in Oxfordshire, Lower Earley in Reading, Berkshire, Poole in Dorset and Havant and Waterlooville in Hampshire.

Posted in Press Centre on 24 December 2013