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Asda expects to sell bumper crop of satsumas and clementines this Christmas

Soft citrus fruit sales heralds the start of the Christmas season as shoppers stock up on juicy goodness in the form of satsumas, clementines and tangerines (also known as mandarins)

Whilst the rest of Europe prefer the sweeter taste of clementines, Brits continue to show a preference for the traditional festive favourite, the satsuma (2.5 million bags sold in Asda last Christmas)

Brits love of the satsuma has prevented the traditional fruit being wiped out in favour of its more recent citrus counterpart, the clementine

Approx 200,000 tonnes of satsumas are exported from Turkey, Spain and Croatia to Europe every year with the UK importing approx. 25% compared to Germany (20%) Benelux (11%) and France (0.25%)

Soft citrus fruits are the largest selling fruit line over Christmas period – 90% of soft citrus fruit sales at Asda are satsuma and clementine sales.

Posted in Press Centre on 02 December 2011
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Asda is the key retail partner for ITV’s new charity initiative, Text Santa and launched their campaign for raising funds for the charity this week. Through the nationwide sale of Text Santa hats and t-shirts the retailer is promoting Text Santa throughout its stores.

Created to raise awareness and money for those who help vulnerable people over the festive season, Text Santa is a national Christmas appeal that will help charities including Carers UK, Crisis, Help The Hospices, Samaritans, WRVS, Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity, Helping Hand, Noah’s Ark Appeal and Yorkhill Children’s Foundation. Hosted by Phillip Schofield, Christine Bleakley, Ant and Dec and Holly Willoughby there’s a host of ITV talent involved.

Asda is also supporting Text Santa with a national PR and marketing campaign which includes a high profile celebrity photographic campaign featuring ITV stars modelling the official t-shirts and hats. This will drive awareness in support of the appeal as well as in-store activity with colleagues, specially designed point of sale and promotional spots on Asda FM. There will be a heavy emphasis on digital marketing throughout the campaign and all profits from the Text Santa hats, the t-shirts and the specially created Text Santa bag for life will go towards the appeal.

Rick Bendel, International Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be a partner in this new ITV charity initiative. Christmas is all about giving and Text Santa has been created to give those most vulnerable a better experience this year. Text Santa is a great way to help the people who need it most and through fundraising activities up and down the country we are very excited to be supporting local communities and helping to send some joy this festive season!”

Text Santa hats cost just £1 and the adorable George T-shirts feature some of “Text Santa’s Little Helpers” who you’ll see popping up on ITV through December encouraging everyone to “send some joy” with Text Santa. Adult T-shirts cost £5 with children’s T-shirts retailing for £4.

The Text Santa t-shirts and Santa hats will available in Asda stores; the t-shirts will also be available online at For further information visit Your Asda.

Posted in Press Centre on 07 December 2011
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Over half of Brits (54%) prefer to finish their Christmas Dinner with savoury cheese rather than a sweet pudding

  • Out of the nation’s cheese lovers, over two thirds (69%) will have at least 4 different cheeses on their Cheeseboard this Christmas
  • Unusual flavoured cheeses are proving more popular than ever, seeing a 43% sales uplift over the festive period

Asda is seeing cheese sales go through the roof in the run up to Christmas as Brits splash out on traditional cheeses such as Cheddar and Stilton as well as more unusual, festive choices including fudge and butterscotch and Christmas pudding flavours. A survey by Asda reveals Brits’ taste for cheese is continually maturing with over half of shoppers (54%) choosing to finish their festive meal with cheese over a sweet pudding.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 December 2011
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  • Asda Pulse of the Nation poll finds that one in five parents routinely use technology to communicate with their kids within the home
  • Mobile phone calls, Facebook and texting are the most common methods
  • “Dinner’s ready” is the most frequent electronic message exchanged between parents and kids at home

A national poll for Asda indicates that parents and kids are increasingly communicating at home via mobile phones, laptops, PCs and tablets.

One in five parents polled said that they routinely use gadgets to communicate with their kids at home. Many of the messages exchanged are requests. The most common message is “dinner’s ready”, the poll found, with 13% of parents passing this message on electronically. Other common messages include “clean your room” and “do your homework”.

Asda’s technology expert Nathan Mills said: “The fact is that technology puts us in touch with more people more often than ever before“ and this is as true at home as it is when we’re out and about. Communicating with teens, for example, has never been the easiest thing for parents, and now low-cost gadgets are giving us a hotline to their rooms.”

Posted in Press Centre on 09 December 2011
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  • Christmas coming later; only three per cent of shoppers completed their Christmas shop<
  • ‘Safe and sensible’ and present buying
  • First full trading week before Christmas since 2005 will be busiest shopping week of the year

On the day that Kantar releases its latest market share figures for the grocery industry, Asda said it was ‘ready for Christmas’ with a suite of festive initiatives based on saving customers money, giving them quality food, having the best selection of practical gifts, and a major community support partnership with ITV.

Posted in Press Centre on 06 December 2011
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Snacks on trains cost Brits up to 365% more than those bought from Asda

With Brits making 1.3bn rail journeys a year today Asda has challenged train companies charging extortionate amounts for basic on-board refreshments to drop their ridiculously high and unnecessary prices.

With the Association of Train Operating Companies announcing the price of train tickets set to rise on average by 5.9% in January and the transport secretary Philip Hammond declaring British railways are a “rich man’s toy”, Asda has exposed this daylight robbery on snacks to help rail commuters save their pennies.

Asda research has shown 86% of customers find train food overpriced, with 68% adding that they would rather go hungry and wait until their final destination than pay the extortionate on-board train prices. A further 68% said that when possible, they buy food and drinks pre-departure with the top reason being for money saving reasons.

Research by the supermarket giant shows that rail commuters are being forced to pay, in some cases, a staggering 365% more for some snacks if they choose to buy them on the train, compared with Asda prices:

  • A 100g bag of nuts from Asda costs just 54p, but a pack bought on board is almost double the price (90p) and half the size (50g) resulting in a ridiculous 307% rise
  • A chicken sandwich from Asda costs £1.80 in comparison to a sandwich of the same size bought on board setting passengers back £3.60, a staggering 200% increase
  • A 250ml can of gin and tonic costs £1.00 at Asda compared to a can bought on board setting you back £4.65; a massive 365% rise
Posted in Press Centre on 21 December 2011
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Asda reveals sales of remedies are up 65% as shoppers attempt to fight the bloat

When it comes to the festive season, over-indulgence seems to be the name of the game. This year, savvy Asda shoppers are stocking up in advance of Christmas Day with Milk of Magnesia, Rennie tablets and other natural ailments all flying off the shelves. One in three shoppers are expected to include a remedy of sorts in their Christmas shopping baskets as the big eating day draws ever nearer.

It doesn’t matter how much we’ve promised ourselves that we won’t over-eat, research from Asda proves that year on year two thirds of us will suffer from stomach discomfort, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence or for the very unlucky, all four! Popular antacid Milk of Magnesia is currently selling at a rate of approximately 55 every hour across Asda stores, that’s a stomach-churning 65% increase week on week. Rennie tablets are also trading at an unprecedented rate, up 62% since this time last month.

Commented Faisal Tuddy from the Asda Pharmacy Team: “At Christmas time, we all know how easy it is to have another portion of dessert here and a handful of extra nuts there and before we know it we’re suffering from chronic indigestion. It’s always good to have a selection of remedies on hand to provide relief, soothe pain and neutralize stomach acid.”

It has also been suggested that consuming certain foods in advance of the Christmas Feast will help to prepare your digestive tract for the influx of rich and stodgy foods. Try these for yourself:

  • drink a small glass of pineapple juice
  • eat raw ginger
  • chew a handful of raisins
  • drink aloe vera juice
  • sip lemon juice in hot water
  • add two tablespoons of distilled white wine, or apple cider vinegar to a glass of water

Visit your nearest Asda to stock up on festive remedies. And if you need any additional advice on unusual symptoms or indigestion and heartburn, visit your local Asda Pharmacy for help.

Posted in Press Centre on 22 December 2011
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UK families £15 a week worse off in November 2011 than a year earlier

  • November saw a £15 a week fall in family spending power compared to the same month last year – stabilising the declines seen in previous months
  • Average UK household had £161 a week of discretionary income in November, 8.4 per cent lower than a year earlier
  • The cost of basics and worsening employment conditions erode family spending power

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that family spending power fell by £15 a week in November 2011, leaving the average UK family with £161 of weekly discretionary income –8.4 per cent down from this time last year. This represents a stabilising in the year-on-year decline in family spending power, with a similar picture predicted for 2012.

Annual growth in the cost of basics decreased to 5 per cent in November – the second consecutive slowdown in the cost of living. This reverses a declining trend seen over much of 2011. However, although the cost of food and clothing has seen an improvement, budgets continue to be squeezed by the rising costs of running a family home. In October, gas prices were some 25.3 per cent higher than a year ago, while electricity prices grew by 15.5 per cent. Transport costs continue to put pressure on the inflation rate too, with the cost of getting around remaining a large driver of the headline rate of CPI inflation. Figures from the AA show the cost of unleaded petrol grew by 12.3 per cent over the year to November, while diesel prices increased by 14.6 per cent during the same period.

Read more and download the full report
Posted in Press Centre on 23 December 2011