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Supermarket sees a record number of free grassroots sport sessions

Asda today has revealed that through its Sporting Chance programme an astonishing 89,000 UK families have taken part in free grassroots sport sessions in 2010. 69% more families have taken up the offer of free sports sessions ranging from kayaking to karate since the start of the year.

Sporting Chance, which is in its third year, offers families the chance to download or pick up in store a voucher which lets children take part in a wide range of physical activities throughout each of the school holidays at no cost to the family.

The supermarket has seen the programme rocket in 2011 and now offers a minimum of five different sporting activities for each of Asda store’s region, with many offering a lot more.

The highest numbers of vouchers were redeemed in the summer holidays with 38,000 families taking part. Easter saw 27,500 participants with 13,600 taking part in February and 4,200 joining in the fun in October half term.

Fiona Campbell-Reilly, Asda’s Head of Community, said: “Sporting Chance is all about getting children involved in different sporting activities within their local area and it’s great to see so many families taking part this year.

“Our message to those in charge of community sport is to join Asda in looking for ways to make sport affordable to families. We are looking for partners in 2011 to increase provision of our free sessions which benefits not only families’ health and wellbeing but gives youngsters the chance to try sports they may otherwise not be able to afford to try.”

By bringing customers to local sports providers Asda is also supporting grassroots sport and in many cases creating long term links between providers and families across the UK.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 December 2010
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  • 7 vaccine set to undercut rival retailers
  • Number of vaccines administered by Asda Pharmacy soars seven times in last two weeks

Asda, today (30th December) reported today that sales of their flu vaccination have increased by 700% over the last two weeks and as a result are dropping the price of their vaccine from £8 to £7 from tomorrow (31st December).

Last year, family doctors and nurses administered around 14 million seasonal influenza shots and in preparation for an upsurge in demand, Asda increased the number of in-store clinics to help cope with the high numbers of seasonal flu vaccinations this year.

By offering the vaccine for only £7, Asda is undercutting rival retailers such as Boots who charge £12.99, Tesco who charge £10 and Lloyds who are charging £7.59.

Posted in Press Centre on 30 December 2010
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Supermarket’s unusual Christmas Cheeses fly off the shelves

Over half of Asda customers are choosing to jazz up their cheeseboard this Christmas as sales of unusual festive flavours have soared by over 220 per cent and are outselling traditional cheeses such as Cheshire and Wensleydale which are being left on the shelves.

Asda polled 3,000 customers and discovered that over a third (33 per cent) are looking for new festive cheese flavours to try over the Christmas period. As a result, Asda introduced Wensleydale with Belgian Chocolate and Orange, White Stilton with Shirevale Irish Cream & Cranberry and Cheddar with Sage and Onion. These festive flavours have only been in-store since early December and are already proving to be a hit with cheese lovers up and down the country.

Other cheese trends show that over half of customers (54 per cent) are choosing to trade up from mild cheddars to mature, flavoursome cheeses to impress guests around the dinner table. And, whilst the nation still loves a sweet treat, over a quarter of customers (26 per cent) prefer the savoury taste of the cheeseboard to a traditional Christmas pud.

Posted in Press Centre on 20 December 2010
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Family spending power falls again as inflation outstrips earnings growth

  • £6 a week decline in family spending power compared with the same month a year ago
  • Eleventh consecutive month of decline in the Asda Income Tracker
  • Gross incomes were 2.3 per cent higher in November compared to the same period a year earlier.
    *The cost of essential goods and services was 3.5 per cent higher in November 2010 than in November 2009.

It is going to be tight this Christmas for many UK families, as the latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that the average UK family had £6 a week less to spend in November compared to a year ago. This marks the eleventh month of falling household spending power, with household discretionary income down 3.4 per cent than in November 2009.

The average family had £174 per week to spend in November, down from £180 this time last year. The continued decline in family spending power in 2010 has been the result of the price of essential goods and services rising faster than net income growth. Reasons for the rise in inflation point towards the depreciation of sterling, rising global commodity prices and the VAT rise in January 2010. There were also signs over the month that the stabilisation of the labour market may have lost some momentum. During the recession, many workers moved to part-time or self employed jobs, so there is still a degree of capacity slack for businesses to soak up before hiring new workers, or feel required to increase wages to retain or attract workers.

Download the full report

Posted in Press Centre on 28 December 2010
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Asda offering the same delicious British Bourbon Red turkeys as Fortnum and Mason for half the price

Move over you Broad Breasted White, the Red (feathered) is back. After decades of being off the menu, Bourbon Red turkeys are making a come-back and supermarket giant Asda is offering these quality birds without the designer price tag.

The delicious fresh British turkeys will be in select Asda stores from Monday 20th December, for the iconic price of approximately £40 – half the price of the Bourbon Reds on sale in Fortnum and Mason.

The Bourbon Red, named for its unique reddish plumage and after Bourbon Country, originated in Kentucky in the late 19th century. This breed was hugely popular in the 1930s and 1940s, but was eventually unable to compete with the plumper, broad breasted varieties.

However, Asda is helping to bring this bird back to Christmas tables across the UK. Andrew Wilson, Asda’s fresh turkey buyer commented:

“The Bourbon Red is a superior bird with a delicious flavour that shoppers will love. Fortnum and Mason may try to pull the feathers over their customer’s eyes with their outrageous pricing, but our shoppers know they can buy top quality, premium Bourbon Red birds this Christmas for a fraction of the price.”

Posted in Press Centre on 20 December 2010