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ASDA completed 21 million transactions in the week before Christmas – the busiest day was Saturday 22nd December ·

Sales on Christmas Eve were one third higher than the biggest previous Christmas Eve (2004) and during the day stores were helping 67 customers-a-second through the checkouts.

The busiest store (Boldon in the North East) served more than 30 customers per minute over the busiest part of the day.

Posted in Press Centre on 31 December 2007
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ASDA announced today that its COO David Cheesewright has been appointed President and CEO of Wal-Mart Canada. He will start his new role on February 1, 2008.

Mr Cheesewright previously served as Chief Operating Officer for Wal-Mart Canada between 2004 and 2005 before returning to ASDA as Chief Operating Officer, helping deliver ASDA’s turnaround strategy.

Posted in Press Centre on 10 December 2007
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Capturing the taste and excitement of Christmas in just one bite is quite a challenge, but the chefs from ASDA have done just that. The supermarket has created what it believes to be the world’s smallest Christmas dinner in the form of an irresistible canapé.

Bringing together a selection of the very finest ingredients, the canapé features all the traditional trimmings of a Christmas dinner and has been created just in time for the festive party season.

Posted in Press Centre on 17 December 2007
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A major trend called the Hyacinth Bucket effect is having a huge impact upon the goods shoppers buy this Christmas, new research has revealed.

They’re choosing luxury versions of every day items to appear “posh” when friends and relatives come to stay over the holiday period, says Asda.

The impact is even being felt in the smallest room in the house – sales of the supermarket’s luxury loo roll have trebled over the last two weeks.

Posted in Press Centre on 12 December 2007
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It’s the end of a great British institution – the string vest has finally been declared extinct.

For decades it was the ultimate symbol of raw, unreconstructed masculinity, beloved by builders, miners and the likes of Ricky Tomlinson in The Royle Family.

However, sales have plummeted to zero as today’s new generation of men prefer a groomed, sensitive, metro-sexual, white T-shirt look, says supermarket Asda.

Posted in Press Centre on 07 December 2007
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The average weight of the contents of a woman’s handbag has soared over the past five years, new research has revealed.

It now weighs 2.37 kilos – a whopping 38 per cent increase – as women struggle to cope with demands at work and home .

So great is the trend that supermarket Asda has now asked manufacturers to plan ahead by increasing the tensile strength of weight-bearing straps and stitching across its entire handbag range.

It believes that handbag contents weight will continue to increase, breaching the three kilos mark within the next ten years.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 December 2007
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With Christmas Day fast approaching, mince pie madness has  hit  ASDA stores across the country.  

Available for just over a month, early sales figures show that a record number of ASDA’s mince pies have flown off the shelves across the country.

Keeping up the West Country tradition for hearty, traditional food, Bristolians have munched their way to the top of the mince pie chart by eating  94,770 pies over the last month.

Posted in Press Centre on 05 December 2007