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  • Latest move is another 1ppl off Unleaded and 1ppl off Diesel to bring a new National Price Cap of 119.7ppl on Unleaded and 123.7ppl on Diesel
  • Fifth cut in 5 weeks has taken 7ppl off Unleaded and 6ppl off Diesel since end of Sept

With oil prices continuing to fall, from tomorrow morning (Friday 7th November), Asda has announced it will cut another 1ppl off its National Price cap on Unleaded to 119.7p and 1ppl on Diesel to 123.7p.

Asda has lead the way in fuel price cuts, and over the past 5 weeks the price of unleaded and Diesel purchased from the supermarket has fallen by 7ppl and 6ppl respectively

How Asda’s National Price cap has fallen in the past month:

Date Unleaded Diesel
Sunday 28th September126.7p129.7p
Tuesday 30th September124.7p128.7p
Tuesday 14th October123.7p126.7p
Friday 17th October122.7p126.7p
Tuesday 28th October120.7p124.7p
Friday 7th November119.7p123.7p

Drivers filling up at any of Asda’s 240 forecourts nationwide will benefit from the retailer’s new national price cap on diesel and unleaded, meaning motorists will pay no more than 119.7 pence per litre on unleaded and 123.7 pence per litre for diesel.

The move has come after petrol prices continue to drop as oil slides to around $83 a barrel, meaning Asda will pass on the savings directly back into drivers pockets.

Andy Peake, Asda’s Petrol Trading Director said: “Asda has led and will continue to lead on these price cuts as we know how important it is that we pass savings straight back into driver’s pockets as soon as prices fall. No matter where customers live, they will benefit from the same fuel price with our national price cap of 119.7ppl for unleaded and 123.7ppl for diesel”.

Whilst other supermarkets will follow the fuel drop, Asda is the only retailer that has a national price cap on fuel, ensuring every single one of our customers knows the maximum price they will pay at the pump regardless of where they live.

Posted in Press Centre on 06 November 2014
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  • UK’s No.2 supermarket reports 1.6% step back in LfL sales (ex pet) in 13 weeks to 30th September 2014
  • CEO and President Andy Clarke states he is ‘pleased with Asda’s performance in a distressed market’ and notes ‘vouchers may win quarters, but strategies win decades’.
  • Asda continues to close price gap with discounters, driving Everyday Low Prices through relationship with its subsidiary International Procurement Limited (IPL), which has delivered £190m savings to Asda in five years.

On the day Walmart announced its financial performance for the third quarter 2014 (13 weeks to 30th September), the UK’s second largest supermarket Asda has announced a 1.6% step back in LfL sales for the period but has grown market share for the second consecutive quarter.

Speaking at a briefing in London, Asda CEO and President Andy Clarke stated that although no Chief Executive wants to report a negative comp, he is pleased that in a distressed market for all major retailers, Asda is outperforming its traditional competitors and gaining market share.

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Posted in Press Centre on 13 November 2014
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‘The Donkey Sanctuary Assisted Therapy Centre’ in Templepatrick is set to benefit from a new sensory garden, made possible by a donation of nearly £18,000 from the Asda Foundation – a charitable trust, established by Asda to support good causes which have gained the direct endorsement from the local community.

The centre, which has been in operation in Northern Ireland since 2011, specialises in helping children with additional needs and disabilities – ranging from autism to physical or sensory impairments – through Donkey Assisted Therapy. Each week, over 200 children avail of the services offered by the centre. This includes donkey assisted therapy rides and interactive grooming sessions – with the nineteen rescued donkeys who reside at the site – and a range of activities which are tailored to each child’s individual needs.

The sizeable donation will be used to build a brand new sensory garden at the centre and help to expand the facilities and services which are available to children and families. The new sensory garden is specifically designed for children with additional needs and will be a fully interactive outdoor space – complete with games, musical instruments and lots of other sensory equipment.

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Posted in Press Centre on 07 November 2014
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  • The average UK household had £176 a week of discretionary income in October 2014, up by £8 a week on the same month a year before and beating the previous Income Tracker record of £174 last seen in January 2010
  • Household spending power has now been rising year on year for thirteen months in a row, reflecting steady growth in the country’s economy
  • Families’ discretionary incomes were boosted by a number of positive factors in October including; rising wages, which finally outstripped inflation, and falling unemployment
  • The cost of essentials such as food and fuel continued to fall meaning family budgets stretched even further last month

The latest Asda Income Tracker shows that family spending power increased year on year in October for the thirteenth month in a row as discretionary incomes – the income left once taxes and the spend on essentials like rent, utilities and bills have been deducted – were up £8 a week on the same month a year before.

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Posted in Press Centre on 21 November 2014
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  • Asda cuts up to 2ppl off unleaded petrol and up to 2ppl off diesel from Saturday 29 November
  • Asda’s new National Price Cap means drives will pay no more than 117.7ppl on unleaded and 121.7ppl on diesel across the country
  • Seventh cut in 2 months has taken 9ppl off unleaded and 8ppl off diesel since end of September led by fall in oil prices

With oil prices falling following yesterday’s OPEC meeting, Asda is the first supermarket to pass this saving on to its shoppers from tomorrow morning (Saturday 29th November), announcing it will cut up to 2ppl off unleaded petrol and up to 2ppl off diesel.

This takes its National Price cap on unleaded to 117.7ppl and 121.7ppl on diesel.

This is great news for motorists who will see lower prices extended to Asda forecourts to mark the start of the festive season.

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Posted in Press Centre on 28 November 2014