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Diesel down to 137.7ppl and unleaded down to 131.7ppl

Today (Wednesday 7th November) Asda announced that it is cutting 2p a litre off the price of both diesel and unleaded.

From tomorrow morning (Thursday 8th November) drivers filling up at any of Asda’s 205 forecourts nationwide will benefit from Asda’s new national price cap, meaning motorists will pay no more than 131.7 pence per litre for unleaded and 137.7 pence per litre for Diesel.

Asda has led the way with two price cuts over the last fortnight, giving a helping hand to drivers in the run up to Christmas. The retailer reacted quickly to the latest reductions in wholesale costs and immediately passed the savings on to their customers.

Andy Peake, Petrol Trading Director said “Today’s move shows that Asda is once again leading the way in reducing the price at the pump. Unlike other retailers, our price cuts benefit everyone across the country, meaning that no-one filling up at Asda will be forced to play a postcode lottery”

Since 2008 Asda’s Income Tracker has shown the huge impact high fuel prices has on the average family’s monthly budget. The cost of filling up the family car remains a key factor in the amount of money families have to play with, with fuel 2.8pc higher in September than the previous year, putting further pressure on family spending power.

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Asda Income Tracker shows a slight improvement in disposable income year on year

  • UK families were £1 a week better off in October 2012 compared to the same month a year earlier, but that is £13 less than two years ago
  • The average UK household had £146 a week of discretionary income in October 2012, 0.5% up on the year before
  • Although this is the fifth consecutive month of annual growth, it is a slowdown from the rise seen in September
  • It follows a sharp rise in inflation in October to 2.7% from a 34-month low of 2.2% in September, taking the rate back up to its highest since May 2012

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that family spending power improved for the fifth consecutive month in October, but at a much slower rate than seen previously.

The past five months of rising real discretionary incomes follows 19 months in a row of real discretionary income declines previously. The latest figures show the average UK family had £146 of weekly disposable income available to them in October 2012 – £1 a week better off than the same month last year.

It is a slowdown from the rise seen in September at a 0.5% annual increase and shows how financial conditions are remaining tough for UK families.

Read more and download the full report
Posted in Press Centre on 15 November 2012
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  • Asda’s multichannel business has doubled in size in two years, is continuing to grow strongly and is delivering profit
  • Click and collect groceries available in 100 locations by end of year, and set to be significant growth opportunity in 2013
  • In-store free WiFi being installed across Asda’s entire estate
  • Online commerce moving towards post-PC world, with rapid rise of mobile set to continue exponentially (16 per cent of Asda’s online grocery orders now via mobile vs zero 12 months ago)
  • Asda leveraging Walmart’s talent and capability in ecommerce, and harnessing its market leading innovation

On the day that Asda reported its Q3 financial results Asda’s Chief Operating Officer Judith McKenna outlined the retailer’s multichannel strategy and how the supermarket is meeting the demands of its increasingly mobile customers.

McKenna reinforced Asda’s commitment to developing its multichannel business – which has doubled in size since 2010. She said: "We’ve listened to our customers and have created practical solutions to make shopping at Asda even easier and more convenient.

“Our strategy isn’t based on being the most ‘techy’ it’s focused on enabling customers to move seamlessly between the store and the web.

“We’re installing free WiFi bringing the full benefits of the web into our stores and aggressively rolling out grocery click to allow customers the convenience of picking up their shopping at a time that suits them.

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  • Like for like sales up 0.3 per cent for Q3 (13 weeks to 29th September)
  • Asda continues to grow ahead of the market increasing its market share to 17.5 per cent (an increase of ten basis points year on year)
  • President and CEO Andy Clarke says it’s a ‘solid performance in tough economy and challenging market’

Asda today (Thursday 15th November 2012) announced it had grown its like for like sales (excluding fuel and VAT) by 0.3 per cent in Q3.

Asda out-performed the market during the quarter, growing its market share to 17.5 per cent, an increase of ten basis points year on year.

At a briefing in London today Asda CEO and President Andy Clarke said he was pleased with the retailer’s performance and outlined the company’s commitment to offering everyday low prices to its customers in a tough economy.

“These are solid results in a tough market. I’m pleased we continue to strike the right balance in terms of delivering low prices, great quality and unbeatable service. That focus on real value is what our customers want.

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  • Asda colleagues to receive £17 million ‘Festive Thank You’
  • ‘Festive Thank You’ tops off a year of industry-leading reward-related investment totaling over £90 million
  • ‘Thank You’ package includes a £20 Asda gift voucher, a free festive meal and a 20 per cent discount across a range of products

Asda is delivering an early Christmas present to thousands of colleagues with the news that they will share a £17 million ‘Festive Thank You’ in recognition of their efforts this year.

This year’s ‘Festive Thank You’ package – which includes a £20 Asda gift voucher, a complementary festive meal and £5 towards a Christmas party– will be available to each of Asda’s 175,000 colleagues.

Colleagues will also get a whopping 20 per cent discount – double their normal 10 per cent saving – off a whole host of products on two special “double discount” days, on 20th and 21st November, as part of this seasonal “thank you”.

Included in the “special discount” savings spree are traditional top-sellers including George clothing, toys, fragrances, Christmas gift sets, wrapping and decorations. There are even deals on DVDs, videos games and beers, wines and spirits in time to help Asda colleagues stock up for Christmas.

Hayley Tatum, Executive People Director at Asda said:

“This year has been busier than ever with the added festivities of the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee. As we gear up for Christmas, we’re delighted to be able to announce our Festive Thank You and give a little something extra back to the colleagues who have worked so hard for our customers all year.”

The ‘Festive Thank You’ follows a strong year of reward-related investment in Asda colleagues, now totaling over £90 million. On top of the ‘Festive Thank You’, colleagues also pocketed a record £50.9 million when a three-year Walmart Sharesave scheme matured in June and a further £22.8 million in February, following better than expected sales.

In addition to the ‘Festive Thank You’, Asda will also be rewarding colleagues through a ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ programme. Each day, for the two weeks running up to Christmas, Asda will be thanking colleagues who have delivered exceptional customer service with an additional £10 gift voucher. A selected ‘Team of the Week’ will also be rewarded with tea and mince pies for all of their efforts.

Posted in Press Centre on 21 November 2012
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News comes as Asda publishes its latest Mumdex report report

  • THE MUMDEX – Mums’ pessimism about their family finances and quality of life has driven down the Mumdex optimism score from -8% to -18% over the last year.
  • SHOW ME THE MONEY – Only one in 10 said the news about the UK coming out of recession made them feel more positive about the UK economy. Two thirds predict it will get worse still in 2013.
  • A SHOT OF OPTIMISM – Mums feel that the Olympics and Jubilee have injected the national mood with a shot of optimism. Six out of 10 mums said the events made them proud to be British and nearly six in 10 anticipate these events will have positive impact on the UK over the next five years.
  • CHRISTMAS WITHOUT THE TRIMMINGS – A tough year means that 45% of mums will be spending less on Christmas this year. 46% will spend less on Christmas decorations, 39% will spend less on their spouse and one in 10 won’t send Christmas cards
  • FAMILIES REMAIN RESILIENT – Despite the tough economic conditions eight out of 10 mums feel their family’s happiness is on a par or better than their family’s happiness when they were growing up

Today (Tuesday 27th November 2012) Asda launches its fourth Mumdex report which focuses on family life, predictions for 2013 and mums’ plans for the festive season. The Asda Mumdex – a panel of over 5,500 Asda Mums of varying ages and backgrounds – has shown the Mumdex optimism score falling from -8% to -18%, driven down by mums’ concerns about what is happening to their family finances and their family’s quality of life.

The outlook for 2013 doesn’t look much better with only one in 10 saying the news that the UK is out of recession has made them feel more positive about the economy. Two thirds of our mums predict the UK economy will get worse next year.

One Asda Mum said: “It [the news the UK is emerging from the recession] does not make me feel any better, as for some reason the price of things still keep rising! There is no decrease yet. So only when I see things rapidly declining in price, will I believe it and benefit from it.” (Mum, Asda Mumdex)

This is not a uniform story across the UK however. Mums from Scotland, Wales and the Midlands feel most negative about the prospects for the UK economy, with seven out of 10 mums ?there anticipating the UK economy will get worse in 2013. Those in the south and north of England take a slightly more optimistic outlook, with six out of 10 predicting it will get worse.


Despite a difficult financial year, mums feel that the Olympics and Jubilee have injected the national mood with a shot of optimism. Six out of ten mums said the events of 2012 made them feel proud to be British and half felt it made them feel a shared sense of national identity. Only a fifth of mums agree that these events have made them feel positive about 2012, but nearly six in 10 anticipate these events will have positive impact on the UK over the next five years.


Given the gloomy outlook, it is no surprise that mums will be budgeting carefully around Christmas, with 45% saying they will be spending less this year. Despite these financial concerns, mums are determined to make this Christmas the most magical ever, re-balancing their budgets to protect the things that will make the day extra special. Two thirds of mums will be spending the same or more food and presents for their children this year compared with last year.


Despite financial pressures eight out of 10 mums feel their family’s happiness is on a par or better than ?their family’s happiness when they were growing up. The research also highlights that those families who spent most time together were three times more likely to report higher family happiness than those who spent least time together.

Family life is not entirely rosy however as half of mums say working hours are a barrier to their family spending time together. Over a quarter say the TV, the internet and computer games are distractions.

Judith McKenna, chief operating officer at Asda, said:

“Consumer confidence is key to getting the economy moving again. With over 90% of mums expecting the economy to be the same or worse next year we have a long way to go.

“As we approach Christmas, our Mumdex research shows that mums won’t let their financial concerns impact their families. In fact in a year of British celebrations the role of the family has become more important than ever.”

Claire Walker, Director of Policy at Family Lives and working mum, said:

“We have heard that the outlook for the UK economy is starting to look brighter, but we know that families are still finding it tough on the ground, and they will continue to do so next year. Christmas can be the toughest time of all for some families and as Asda’s Mumdex shows, budgets are going to be tight for families this year. At a time when emotions run high and stresses and strains increase, the fall-out from the pressures of the festive period can often culminate in families forgetting what Christmas is all about. And that’s family. It’s about spending time together, clad in festive jumpers, sitting round the table for a meal and then watching some Christmas TV.

“If Mums are feeling stressed, then Christmas will be memorable for all the wrong reasons! Try not to leave everything until the last minute and don’t be afraid to ask supportive family members for help. Make allowances for spontaneity, and try not to have unrealistic expectations. Above all, remember that Christmas is a time for people to come together and have fun!”

You can find the full Mumdex report here.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 November 2012