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  • Asda makes baking history to be first supermarket to bake its sliced bread in-store

  • Asda now has the freshest sliced bread in the land – from oven to shelf in five hours shaving up to 19 hours off all other sliced bread, including brands

  • Around 17 million loaves will be freshly baked in-store every year

Sliced white and brown bread is the staple of millions of shopping trolleys every day, but Brits are not aware that the pre-packed sliced loaves they buy from other supermarkets can be up to 24 hours old when they land on the shelf!

The days of stale bread are now over as supermarket chain Asda announces it has become the first UK retailer to bake, slice and package its Chosen by you bread in its in-store bakeries. Asda has always led the way in bakery innovation, inventing Tiger bread in 2001 and introducing the bread bell, which rings when fresh loaves come out of the oven.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 November 2011
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Aerodynamic engineer adds extra thrust to the nation’s bust

  • Six out of ten women are unhappy with the size/look of their bust-line
  • 75% of young women wear a push up bra on a daily basis
  • Marilyn Monroe is the nation’s bust icon
  • George at Asda introduces the first ‘aerodynamic’ two-size bigger bra to the market

First came the innovations to smooth those unwanted lumps and bumps, and now George at Asda is bringing a bit of magic to lingerie with the UK’s first ‘aerodynamic’ bra – using new technology to propel the nation’s bust two cup sizes without feeling uncomfortable.

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Posted in Press Centre on 22 November 2011
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It’s the most talked about culinary time of the year, but with just 29 cooking days left until Christmas day new research by Asda shows Brits are wasting a whopping £31m on festive cooking mistakes. 71% of us will attempt to make at least part of our Christmas dinner, but over one in five (22%) will end up making a mistake, throwing it in the bin and starting again or reverting to a shop-bought, ready-made option. An average family will waste £9 on ingredients this Christmas which only adds to shoppers’ last minute stresses.

Home cooking has never been more popular, but only a third of Brits (32%) say they will be preparing a full turkey dinner from scratch this year, with many of us scared of recreating the Yuletide horror stories of raw turkey, cracked mince pies and over-cooked Brussels sprouts. A whopping 40% said that if disaster does strike with their Christmas dinner, they will try to disguise the mistake as best they can and still serve it to their unsuspecting guests.

More than a quarter of shoppers (26%) say they don’t make all of their Christmas food from scratch as they don’t want to waste money if it goes wrong. The latest Asda income tracker shows that families now have £13 less to spend each week, when compared to 2010, which means that saving money at Christmas is becoming more important than ever before as shoppers simply can’t afford to waste money on festive cooking errors.

Posted in Press Centre on 26 November 2011
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UK families £13 a week worse off in October 2011 than in 2010

  • October saw a £13 a week fall in family spending power compared to the same month last year – a slight month-on-month improvement
  • Average UK household had £164 a week of discretionary income in October, 7.1 per cent lower than a year earlier
  • Worsening employment conditions erode family spending power

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that family spending power fell by £13 a week in October 2011, leaving the average UK family with £164 of weekly disposable income – 7.1 per cent down from this time last year. While this represents a year-on-year decline it is an improvement on the previous month, with further improvements expected up until Christmas.

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Posted in Press Centre on 24 November 2011