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  • UK families had £201 of discretionary income in August – a rise of 5.3% in spending power compared to the same period last year
  • But growth continues to slow as rising transport, fuel and food prices affect family bank balances
  • Weakened pound is not deterring shoppers

UK families had £201 in discretionary income to spend in August according to the latest figures from the Asda Income Tracker, released today.

The figures mark the 22nd consecutive month of double-digit growth in pound terms, with households benefiting from an extra £10 per week compared to the same period last year.

But whilst the positive figure suggests good news for spending power year on year, the data also shows that the rate of growth has slowed month on month in 2016, with disposable income staying largely flat for the past five months.

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Posted in Press Centre on 30 September 2016