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Latest Asda Mumdex report reveals:

  • 86% of mums want to work to be a good role model to their kids
  • First time mums are twice as worried about financial pressures than they are about their own health
  • The cost of school uniforms is mums’ main back to school worry
  • Mums want Government to help with access to cheaper childcare; more after school clubs, and for employers to offer flexible working to help them get back to work

With families across the country preparing to send their kids back to school, the Asda Mumdex released today (Monday 2nd September) finds that society is not delivering the support structures that mums need to help them balance work and home life.

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Posted in Press Centre on 02 September 2013
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  • Royal Princess tops the charts as the most aspirational woman for girls in recent poll
  • George at Asda launches the ‘Mini Middy’ dress for aspiring Princesses
  • The petit polka dot dress will hit stores and today and is set to sell out by the end of the week

Today a poll by George at Asda reveals that Kate Middleton tops the charts as the most inspirational woman to young girls. A whopping 72% of little ladies crowned the Princess their favourite female, beating Olympian Jessica Ennis and singer Taylor Swift to the top spot.

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Posted in Press Centre on 04 September 2013
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By 2018, the average UK household will be £1,300 a year worse off in real terms than in 2009, when spending power was at its peak, according to a major new study by Asda

Over the next five years:

  • RISING COST OF LIVING –The average UK household will spend £3,900 a year more on essential items – like transport, utilities and housing – than they do now
  • INFLATION OUTPACING WAGES – Consumer price inflation will outpace wage growth, growing year on year by an average of 2.5% compared to average wage increases of 2.2% a year between 2013 and 2018
  • FEELING THE SQUEEZE – Lower income households will see their discretionary income fall in nominal terms by almost a third (29%) to £1,200 a year – equivalent to just £23 a week
  • A RISE IN THE INCOME TAX THRESHOLD would help families says Asda boss

Midday, Wednesday 11th September 2013 – UK households will be £1,300 a year worse off in real terms in 2018 compared to 2009 when spending power was at its peak, as rising costs, stagnating pay and austerity measures continue to squeeze disposable income, a major new report by Asda warns today.

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Posted in Press Centre on 11 September 2013
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Discretionary income down £2 a week year-on-year says Asda Income Tracker

  • The average UK household had £159 a week of discretionary income in August 2013, down £2 a week from the same month last year and £6 a week from its peak in February 2010
  • Slow pay growth was again a key factor, up just 1% in the year to August – just a third of the rate of essential item inflation (2.9%) and way below the pre-recession average of 4%
  • Annual food price inflation reached 4.1% in August, its highest rate for three months – the average UK food bill has now gone up by £655 a year compared to five years ago
  • Although unemployment this month fell for the first time in four months to 7.7% underemployment remains an issue – 1.45 million workers are unable to find full-time employment adding strain to their incomes

The latest Asda Income Tracker reveals that family spending power fell by £2 a week year-on-year in August 2013, as the cost of living continues to outpace household income.

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Posted in Press Centre on 23 September 2013
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  • Shoppers waste up to £12 billion a year by throwing away food and drink
  • A third of Britons admit to throwing away leftovers rather than re-using them
  • Average family throws away up to £680 worth of food a year
  • A fifth of Brits give leftovers to the family pet

CASH-STRAPPED Britons are wasting nearly £12 billion a year by throwing out food which could be used in other meals.

The new research on leftovers, commissioned by Asda to mark the launch of the new Simply Roast in the Bag range of Butcher’s Selection chicken, has found that despite more than two thirds (67%) of Britons having left over food at least once a week, nearly a third (30%) admit to throwing these leftovers away rather than re-using them, wasting billions of pounds in the process.

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Posted in Press Centre on 26 September 2013