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Anti Allergy Hollow Fibre Pillow – £6.97

Barcode: 5051413927427 & 5051413537619

Anti Allergy Support Pillow – £10

Barcode: 5051413537602

Anti Allergy Rebound Pillow – £5

Barcode: 5051413927434 & 5051413537626

Anti Allergy Kids 3 Part Bedding Set – £14

Barcode: 5050854365164

What’s happened?

We have become aware of a potential safety issue relating to the above bedding products, sold after June 2011.

In some cases the products may not comply with the flammability requirements.

There have been no issues reported with these products, however, customer safety is our first priority and we are taking these steps as a precautionary measure.

What you should do:

If you have bought one of these pillows since June 2011, please don’t use it. Please return it to your Asda store for a full refund.

Only those pillows marked with the codes above are affected.

You will find the relevant code for the Kids 3 Part Bedding set on the bottom of the care label sewn into the corner of the duvet part of the set.

You will find the codes for the other pillows at the bottom of the care label that is sewn onto the corner of the pillow.

If you would like any further information please contact Asda Customer Relations on 0500 100 055.

Posted in Press Centre on 22 September 2011
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Curry has long been a favourite in homes across the UK, more popular than traditional British feasts including fish and chips and pies. But the tables have turned; today a survey by Asda reveals a roast dinner is now the nation’s most loved meal.

Research by Asda’s Pulse of the Nation found more than 1 in 3 people in the UK (37%) prefer roast dinner, with classic steak and chips taking second place over the likes of fish and chips, lasagne, spag bol and the adopted national dish, curry.

The nation’s top five meals include:
Roast dinner (as voted for by 37% of shoppers)
Steak and chips (13%)
Curry (11%)
Fish and chips (9%)
Lasagne (6%)

This research coincides with Asda’s sales of meat joints overall, up a whopping 18% on this time last year:

  • Pork joints are up a crackling 37%; Scots in particular have a new found taste for this meat, with sales up 245% in Scotland
  • Lamb joints are up 19%, with Kent showing the largest shift towards this succulent meat, up 33%
  • Chicken is up 10%; the biggest appetite for this roast is in Northern Ireland with sales up 57%
  • Beef is also up 8% overall, with North Yorkshire and Humberside favouring this joint, up 33% on last year

Steak and chips has also risen in the ranks as a much loved treat; sales of Asda’s steaks are up a sizzling 275% on this time last year. 1 in 3 shoppers see steak as the perfect meal for a special occasion such as a birthday or to impress a date. A further third of people admit to cooking steak simply as a treat to themselves.

To celebrate the return of the roast being the nation’s number one dish Asda has added a range of joints and steaks to its successful Butcher’s Selection range. The quality range includes expertly trimmed beef joints which are easy to carve, hand scored pork joints for great crackling and juicy lamb joints.

Jim Viggars, senior meat buyer at Asda comments: "Our taste for spicy flavours has definitely grown in recent years, but it seems the much-loved curry isn’t as “hot” anymore! Traditional meals have found their way back into the hearts – and stomachs – of the nation. With joints flying off our shelves, the typically British home-cooked roast once again tops our customers’ shopping list."

Posted in Press Centre on 23 September 2011
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The world’s leading retailer Walmart has today launched a global initiative designed to empower women through its supply chain.

Walmart President and CEO Mike Duke launched the Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative in the US today, with a commitment to accomplishing five key goals over the next five years.

These goals include:

  • Sourcing $20 billion from women-owned businesses in the U.S. and doubling sourcing from women suppliers internationally

  • Investing in new programmes that will provide education opportunities help 60,000 women working in factories supplying products to Walmart and other retailers to develop their skills

  • The delivery of existing retail training programmes will be scaled up to help 200,000 women internationally, whilst in the US, Walmart will help 200,000 women from low-income households gain job skills and access higher education

  • In markets around the world Walmart will require major professional service firms and merchandise suppliers with over $1 billion in sales to increase women and minority representation on Walmart accounts

  • Investing more than $100 million in grants to organizations that drive Women’s Economic Empowerment in the wider world. Funding for these investments will come from the Walmart Foundation and donations directly from Walmart’s international businesses.

“Helping more women live better is a defining issue for our business and our world,” said Duke. “We’re stepping up our efforts to help educate, source from and open markets for women around the world. We want them to view us as a retailer that is relevant to them and cares about them. We want them to be leading suppliers, managers and loyal customers.”

In its commitment to Women’s Economic Empowerment, Walmart is putting to work the same model for making a difference that it is has used to take on big issues like hunger, healthy foods and sustainability. In doing so, it will partner with an array of leaders in this area, including NGO’s like CARE, Vital Voices, CountMeIn, WBENC and WeConnect International.

In the UK, Asda will support the delivery of these global goals by building on its existing work to support women in developing markets via supply chain development programmes and education initiatives.

For example, in India and Bangladesh, Asda supports BSR’s HER Project, which is working with the NGO Business for Social Responsibility on a range of initiatives in local factories that are improving the health of women and aim to reach 20,000 women by 2015. Asda has also invested in the HOPE School in Dhaka, which provides vocational training opportunities to local women.

IPL, the wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart responsible for sourcing fresh produce for Asda and other Walmart operations, is also working in development markets to support the development of new businesses, creating opportunities for women to set up their own business.

Ellie Doohan, Legal Director for Asda and Chair of IPL, comments: "IPL has been designed to ensure we are able to source the best products for our customers and give a fair price to producers by streamlining the supply chain and working closely with people on the ground.

“This relationship means we are in a unique position to support the development of a diverse pipeline of businesses in markets like Africa and the Asian subcontinent, which empower women in their own communities and support them in developing new skills.

“Added to our existing commitments to supporting health and education opportunities in India through BSR’s HER project and HOPE school, we are proud to be able to support Walmart’s global commitment to economic empowerment.”

Other Walmart countries, including China, Brazil and Mexico, have also committed to supporting the Global Women’s Economic Empowerment initiative with local programmes to support women. For additional details on Walmart’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative visit

Posted in Press Centre on 14 September 2011
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Wheat/gluten in Asda Chosen By You Oat Muesli 450G (Free From) and Asda Chosen By You Porridge Oats 450G (Free From)

Date code:

• Muesli 03-08-2012
• Porridge Oats 02-08-2012 and 07-09-2012


• Muesli £2.38
• Porridge Oats £2.98


• Muesli 0505244901084-8
• Porridge Oats 0505244901083-1

What’s happened?
A small amount of gluten has been found in products with these codes and we are withdrawing product as a precautionary measure.

What you should do:
Return to store for full refund.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and will ensure this doesn’t happen again.
If you would like any further information please contact Asda Customer Relations – 0500 100 055.

Posted in Press Centre on 22 September 2011