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ASDA is set to offer customers the lowest price flu jabs available in the UK this winter. Priced at just £10 each, the jab will be half the price of rival retailers like Boots.

More than 150 of its in store pharmacies across England and Wales will be administering the cut price jab from early November.

ASDA was the first ever supermarket to offer flu jabs alongside its fruit and fish fingers in 2002. 30,000 customers took up the offer, demonstrating that people want to access health services when they are doing other chores like shopping, rather than having to make a special trip or take time off work.

Posted in Press Centre on 24 September 2008
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Starting today, for three weeks, ASDA is slashing the price of all 100 per cent fruit juices1 and smoothies as part of its campaign against VAT laws which penalise people for choosing healthier options.

Equivalent to the removal of VAT, the price cut draws attention to the inconsistencies between the government’s VAT policy and healthy eating initiatives.

Under current UK tax law, people pay zero VAT on ‘essential’ foods and drinks such as milkshakes, frozen pizzas and chips but 17.5 per cent on ‘luxury’ items such as smoothies and 100 per cent fruit juices2, despite the fact that a single serving of these products delivers one of your ‘five a day’.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 September 2008
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WEST Yorkshire schoolchildren will join Ed Balls MP this Friday to meet The Binks – the characters from ASDA’s new educational website.

Life-size Binks characters will be on hand to show Ed, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, how the website works before it’s rolled out to teachers at schools across the UK. Also joining them will be ASDA’s chief executive Andy Bond.The website aims to be a first stop for teachers, parents and kids wanting to know more about health eating and the food journey from farm to fork.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 September 2008
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As the UK’s top designers pluck and preen their models and celebrity guests to perfection in reparation for next week’s London Fashion Week, the UK’s leading supermarket fashion brand, George at ASDA announces that they have taken a dramatic departure from the fashion industry’s current hunger for International models and celebrity faces, in favour of using REAL PEOPLE.

This radical strategy will encourage customers to take a new look at the George Fashion brand; which has been subject to much speculation regarding the next ‘face of George’.

The new George campaign features three female health workers from London hospitals. George selected Staff Nurse Fiona Kiek (27), Junior Doctor Ifeoma Ikwlieke (25) and Neo Natal Senior Staff Nurse Leigh Currie (28) following a national search.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 September 2008
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BREWERIES across Britain are being given the chance to get innovative new products on the shelves of one of the country’s biggest supermarkets.

ASDA is launching a competition to seek out the best new beers and ciders from micro, regional and national breweries.

The reward for the winners will be a 12-week listing in ASDA stores.

Posted in Press Centre on 29 September 2008
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Today ASDA is launching the Pulse of the Nation Index, a new consumer confidence survey, unprecedented in scope and scale, which will chart UK confidence levels quarter-on-quarter.

The index is distinct from other consumer confidence indices both in its size -10,000 panel members – and its remit, focusing on ten key issues impacting people’s personal lives, including: personal finance, relationships, education, safety from crime, job security, the environment, time pressure, diet, exercise and the economy.

The findings from the first quarterly index confirm that confidence in the economy is very low. With a sample size of 2974 respondents from our panel of 10,000, the economy received an average score of 28/100.

Posted in Press Centre on 02 September 2008
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Asda has launched a new resealable and recyclable packaging for its entire Extra Special cooked meat range, in what is believed to be a market first.

More than four million packs of the British meat are sold per year and from this week all will have the new packaging.

Not only will it be both resealable and the main part of the pack recyclable, but the innovative change to the packaging has reduced its overall weight by 25% – resulting in less waste.

Posted in Press Centre on 30 September 2008
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IT’S a microscopic blue-green algae and has been around for millions of years – but now spirulina is the hero of ASDA’s new natural baking range.

The fresh water algae has come to the rescue of the company’s chefs, who were looking for a natural source to create bottles of blue food colouring.

Spirulina – renowned for its nutritional properties and said to be one of the world’s best superfoods – was chosen after months of research.

Posted in Press Centre on 23 September 2008
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Two thirds of supermarket shoppers in Scotland oppose Government proposals to ban the use of multi-buy promotions on alcohol while 61 per cent oppose the introduction of minimum pricing levels.

In the most comprehensive survey ASDA has ever conducted in Scotland, 10,000 customers gave their reactions to Government proposals included in the consultation – Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol.

Almost 60 per cent of those interviewed said that neither setting minimum prices, nor banning promotions would be effective in lowering consumption of alcohol, while almost three quarters of shoppers strongly rejected proposals that would force them to purchase alcohol at a separate checkout, in effect making people queue up twice when doing the weekly shop.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 September 2008
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ASDA is set to prevent the unnecessary export or slaughter at birth of unwanted bull dairy calves through the launch of its 360Ëš Sustainable Dairy Calf Scheme.

After a successful trial, the initiative will launch, tying together ASDA’s DairyLink and BeefLink schemes and will put more than £2 million a year back into the pockets of its farmers. The supermarket estimates that if the rest of the industry followed suit, the move could generate a massive additional £50 million revenue for the British dairy and beef farming industry.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 September 2008