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• Families have seen a 1.9% increase in earnings since July 2015 with disposable income reaching an average of £202 per week
• Growth in spending power has slowed as essential item inflation increased to 0.1%
• Highest-earning households took home 10 times more than the lowest income households in July 2016
• The wealthiest household’s earnings have grown almost eight times faster than that of lower income households

UK families had £10 more disposable income in their pocket compared to the same time last year, according to Asda’s July Income Tracker.

The average disposable income for UK households reached £202 a week, an increase of 5.4% compared to July 2015.

While the latest figures mark the 21st consecutive month of a double-digit rise in spending power, the data indicates that growth has slowed to its lowest rate since October 2014. This decline has been driven by a rise in essential item inflation (0.1%) and a slowdown in wage growth.

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Posted in Press Centre on 31 August 2016