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Hard-up families struggling to cope with rocketing energy prices and rises in the cost of living have been dealt another blow with research that shows the cost of sending a child to school has risen to £1,077 – the fastest rate for more than 10 years.

Rising food prices have hit the cost of school meals and packed lunches and high petrol prices have made the school run more expensive.

Posted in Press Centre on 05 August 2008
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Team GB’s success at the Olympics this year has not only given us a new set of sporting heroes but has got kids swapping the sofa for sporting activities.

Latest research out today from supermarket ASDA, showed that over a third of children’s attitudes toward sport had changed with over a quarter of children going for swimming lessons and other sport seeing significant uplifts.

Posted in Press Centre on 29 August 2008
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Today (Wednesday 20th August) ASDA unveils a new flat rate UK pricing structure for its Pay As You Go mobile phone service, which is set to save 45million UK PAYG users £2.38billion a year. Calls will be slashed to 8p a minute and texts to just 4p, making it Britain’s lowest PAYG operator.   

This latest price cut will be a warm welcome to cash strapped consumers battling the credit crunch in the week that other call providers have increased tariffs. The new rates are 80% cheaper than Virgin Mobile and customers will be charged the same rate whatever time of day they call and to any UK mobile network or landline, with no hidden charges

Posted in Press Centre on 20 August 2008
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Today, bottles at ASDA get a green makeover with the launch of an innovative recycled cardboard version: the first milk bottle in the UK to be 91 per cent recycled (from waste office paper) and 99 per cent recyclable. The two litre milk bottle, created by GreenBottle, has a carbon footprint that is 48 per cent lower than plastic1.

Chris Brown, Head of Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing at ASDA, comments: “Milk is one of our highest selling products, and as such, we have a responsibility to develop alternative packaging making it easier for our customers to go green and to help them recycle at home.

Posted in Press Centre on 11 August 2008
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The lowest ever priced school uniform will hit the hangers this weekend (Saturday August 2, 2008) when it goes on sale exclusively at George at ASDA for just £4*. The £4 outfit is available for children aged from 3 to 12 and is a "flat price" regardless of age. M&S unveiled their lowest price uniform last week at £6.50. However, this is actually only for children aged up to six years old and a uniform for children aged 12 would actually be £13.50. ASDA believes it’s time that pricing structures that increase with age should be challenged and parents of older or larger children should not be penalised in this way.
Posted in Press Centre on 01 August 2008
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IT’S likely to the wettest August on record – and it’s seen shoppers turning in their thousands to traditional winter warmers.

Comfort food is firmly at top of people’s shopping lists as they abandon the usual seasonal summer fare in favour of food normally associated with the colder months.

And – while weather experts predict we may be heading into a slightly warmer Bank Holiday – shoppers are showing little signs of lighting up the barbecue. Instead it’s warming pies and soups that are on the menu.

Posted in Press Centre on 22 August 2008