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  • Share ownership scheme has now delivered over £650 million for colleagues since it was first launched in 1982
  • 19,040 colleagues will benefit from this year’s maturity

Today, 19,040 Asda colleagues are set to pocket a record £61.7 million as a three-year Walmart Sharesave scheme matures.

Asda’s Sharesave scheme allows colleagues to set aside between £50 and £250 of their salary per month for a three-year period. At the end of the three years they receive the opportunity to buy Walmart shares at a 20 per cent discounted price on the market value in 2010; they also receive a small tax-free bonus. Colleagues are then able to sell the shares at today’s market rate, offering the opportunity to cash-in on a profitable return.

For instance, a colleague saving £50 a month over the three-year period will receive more than £3,000, whilst someone who saved the maximum amount of £250 a month will take home over £15,500.

Since launching back in 1982, Asda colleagues have shared over £650 million through the scheme.

Hayley Tatum, Executive People Director at Asda, said:

“This record bonus pot reflects the success we’ve seen this year, all of which is down to the hard work and commitment of our colleagues across the business.

“Giving our colleagues the chance to save each month, risk free is just one of our ways of saying thank you and a great way to ensure that they reap the rewards of their exceptional efforts.”

The most popular choices for colleagues to spend their windfalls on remain foreign holidays, weddings and home improvements.

Teresa Halliday, from Asda Crawley, has worked at Asda for over 8 years and will be putting her Sharesave money towards her wedding after waiting 26 years to marry her fiancé.

Teresa said: “After 26 years of waiting I’ve finally been able to make the leap and start planning for the big day. I’ve been saving through Sharesave for the last three years and this maturity has come at a perfect time for me. I’ve always dreamed of having a perfect wedding and thanks to Asda’s Sharesave scheme I’m able to turn that dream into a reality.”

Susan Newman, who has worked at Asda Western Super Mare for 14 years, will be using her Sharesave money towards celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary, which was unfortunately cut short due to a family crisis last year.

The Sharesave maturity comes after Asda was accredited as a finalist for the 2013 Employee Benefit Award for the ‘most effective all-employee share scheme strategy’. The award, which Asda previously won in 2012, recognised Asda’s commitment to encouraging colleagues to take up the Sharesave scheme and opportunity to save.

Posted in Press Centre on 08 July 2013
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  • Survey by Asda reveals that 73% of Brits have suffered from sunburn in the past week
  • The heat wave pushes sales of aftersun up 281% as sunburn cases soar around the country
  • Sales of Aloe Vera also fire up by 158%
  • Research reveals 56% of Brits are at risk of skin cancer this summer1 According to British Skin Foundation 2013

WITH scorching weather of almost 32°C in some parts of the UK over the hot weekend, it wasn’t just temperatures that were red hot, as cases of sunburn soared with British skin taking a battering in the heat. A survey by Asda supermarket reveals that Brits are putting their lives at risk, with a worrying 73% admitting they have suffered from sunburn over the past seven days.

Posted in Press Centre on 16 July 2013
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  • Asda and the University of Leeds join forces to create what is thought to be the largest study ever solely focused on attitudes to sustainability
  • Study will help create more sustainable and affordable products
  • Pioneering programme will find ways to help UK families save money at home through greener lifestyles
  • Asda to pass £800 million pound saving to customers by 2020

Asda and University of Leeds today (Wednesday 17th July) announced a pioneering study that will create more affordable sustainable products and save UK families money at home.

Over the next two-and-a-half years the largest “conversation” on green living in the UK will lead to the creation of a green lifestyle action plan that will save customers money and benefit the local and global environment.

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Posted in Press Centre on 17 July 2013
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Asda Curried Chicken Snack Pack

  • Product: Chosen by you Curried Chicken Snack Pack
  • Date code: Use By 17th July 2013
  • Price: £1.50
  • Barcode: 05052449807547

What’s happened?

As a precautionary measure we have recalled and removed this product from our shelves due to the detection of Listeria monocytogenes.

We have notified our supplier of this issue today and we have taken immediate action and notified the relevant authorities.

What you should do

If this product is unopened we advise that you do not eat and return for refund.

If you have eaten this product, and you need further advice, please contact your health care professional.

For more information about Listeria please refer to the Food Standards Agency’s website here.

While this is a very serious issue, it only affects a single batch of fewer than 500 snack packs.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused and will ensure this doesn’t happen again.

If you would like any further information please contact:

Asda Customer Relations – 0800 952 0101

Posted in Press Centre on 17 July 2013
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Disposable household income flat for UK families says Asda Income Tracker

  • The average UK family’s disposable income reached £160 a week in June for the first time in 2013, unchanged from the same month last year but down £5 a week from its peak in February 2010
  • Weak wage growth was again a key factor, up just 1% in the year to May – one of the smallest year-on-year rises on record
  • The continued rise in the rate of essential item inflation, up 0.1 percentage points to 3%, also played a role in the decline in disposable household income
  • Good news for home owners as the cost of mortgage interest payments fell to 3.2% year-on-year – the lowest since November 2011
  • The North West of England profits as disposable income rises £5 year-on-year in Q2

The latest Asda Income Tracker reveals that family spending power remains unchanged year on year in June 2013 – due to rising inflation and persistently weak wage growth.

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Posted in Press Centre on 22 July 2013