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ASDA has become the first British retailer to sell low carbon beef. As part of a ground-breaking programme to measure the carbon footprint of its meat, it has developed a range of beef with a carbon footprint over a third lower than the standard 24 month beef. This is the lowest carbon footprint in the industry.

Working closely with its dedicated British dairy farmers, the ASDA low carbon scheme uses dairy bulls, which would ordinarily be exported or slaughtered, and rears them for between 9-11 months so they can be sold as low carbon beef. Technically classified as a ‘by-product’ of milk production, the CO2 emitted by the calf is offset against the existing dairy farming process. What’s more, as ASDA’s low carbon beef is slaughtered at 9-11 months, it emits significantly less CO2 during its lifetime than cattle more typically reared until 14-30 months of age. As it is smaller in size, portions are easier to manage, and it is available at a lower price point than standard beef.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 July 2009
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ASDA today dropped the price of both petrol and diesel to 99.9p per litre nationwide across all its 176 forecourts, despite others being reluctant to pass on recent cost falls to their customers.

UK motorists have become accustomed to diesel prices being consistently higher than petrol, but the reality of current costs means that this should no longer be the case. With average UK pump prices yesterday standing at 103.8p a litre for unleaded and 105.1p for diesel, many fuel retailers are failing to pass on lower diesel costs to their customers.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 July 2009
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Asda has responded ASA’s ruling that Tesco adverts comparing the cost of shopping at Tesco with Asda were misleading.

“The ASA ruling proves what we’ve known all along, Tesco’s ‘real baskets’ aren’t so real after all. Shoppers haven’t been taken in by their claims either – a million more customers flocking to Asda in the last year shows they know who’s really got the lowest prices.”

Posted in Press Centre on 29 July 2009
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The average UK family is £12 a week better off compared to June 2008 as the effect of Bank of England interest rate cuts continue to help mortgage payers. As a result the average household had £164 a week of discretionary income in June 2009, 7.8 per cent higher than a year earlier – when spending power was being hit by rapidly rising prices.

Food and drink inflation is the lowest it has been since November 2007, while inflation on utilities is the lowest since April 2008. Transport costs are down year on year but have risen in each of the last five months.

Posted in Press Centre on 21 July 2009
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  • No other retailer can be as confident in their quality and offer the same money back guarantee
  • Industry example that will put an end to price wars that encourage retailers to sell poor quality clothing
  • 36% of mums complained about the quality of school uniforms

The number one schoolwear retailer, George at ASDA has today announced it is so confident in the quality of its school uniforms it is making a commitment to fully refund customers on uniform during the first 100 days of the school term if they aren’t completely happy with it.
This goes far beyond the 28 or 35 day guarantee of any other retailer.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 July 2009
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New research from ASDA released today reveals the extent to which the recession is having an impact on children’s lives and their attitudes to money.

The comprehensive study follows interviews with more than 1000 parents and 600 children. It highlights how parents are greatly underestimating the effect that the credit crunch is having on their children, not just in their attitude to finances, but also how worried they are about their parents’ wellbeing.

While only 18% of parents thought their children were concerned about the credit crunch, in reality the figure is much higher – more than half (55%) of kids said they were worried about the impact the recession was having on their mum and dad.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 July 2009