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ASDA today (17th July) was warning holidaymakers not to get burnt by the cost of suncream, after a price survey revealed that the fairer skin you have, the more you are likely to pay for your sun care products. The retailer surveyed both Boots and Superdrug and found that both retailers charged varying prices depending on the factor of the sun lotion. ASDA was also warning customers not to fall foul of the buy one get one free (BOGOF) offers - claiming that many were simply false economy.
Posted in Press Centre on 18 July 2007
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Today, ASDA pointed the finger directly at Bloomsbury for attempting to hold children to ransom by hiking up the RRP on the final Harry Potter instalment.

Over the Harry Potter series the book price has increased by over 30%. Bloomsbury has set the price of book seven, the final instalment of the Harry Potter series at £17.99, twice the average child’s pocket money and £5 more than the average kids’ hardback bestseller.

ASDA, championing the right of young readers and their parents have pledged that they will set the price of the latest instalment at a magically low price.

Posted in Press Centre on 16 July 2007