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Their football team may be out of Euro 2008 but France still has one good reason to celebrate – British love for its wine appears to be returning. 

ASDA has been selling French wine by the vin-load, notching up massive 46.3% increase in sales at a time when the overall market has shown a 0.9% fall. 

The increase has given ASDA an 8.6% share of the French wine market in the UK, a rise from 5.8% at this time last year.

Posted in Press Centre on 25 June 2008
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Just in time for the summer holidays, ASDA today, 4th June, releases shock figures exposing a photo price rip off, as revealed in the independent Which survey.

The independent survey highlights the difference in the quality and price differences when processing digital 6×4 prints using the 1 hour service. The cost of 10 digital prints will cost you £1.80 at ASDA and nearly double the price at Boots who charge £3.00.

In the recent test performance, ASDA also led the way on quality of service scoring 69% based upon a combination of print quality, consistency, convenience and enlargements – Boots lagged someway behind with 54%, with Tesco, Jessops and Klick all disappointing with scores below 50%.

Posted in Press Centre on 04 June 2008
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What do two gymnasts, two athletic jumpers, a sprinter, a hockey player and a table tennis player have in common with a supermarket? Well, they have all been highlighted as the best young sporting talent Yorkshire has to offer and are some of the lucky recipients of a Sporting Chance grant, from supermarket ASDA.

The seven athletes will be joining paralympic table tennis gold medallist, Cathy Mitton, today (30th June) at ASDA’s head office in Leeds, to receive a cheque for £500 each. This will be the first of five grants each athlete will benefit from over the next five years. ASDA lauched the Sporting Chance scheme earlier this year in conjunction with SportsAid. The aim of the initiatives is to identify and provide financial support for the best emerging young sporting talent the UK has to offer. In Yorkshire alone, ASDA will invest over £34,000 in the next five years to support young athletes pursue their chosen sport.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 June 2008
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Today (20th June) supermarket chain ASDA announces that mums have gone stir crazy for a new game launched by Nintendo DS called the “Cooking Guide”. As the game launches across the UK the supermarket chain says that sales are boiling over with 10,000 copies sold in the first hour.

ASDA has seen a surge of mums whisking around the aisles of the supermarket accompanied by their Nintendo DS (pictures available). Customers were seen pulling a wide range of products off the shelves as they use the interactive game to cook a meal from scratch for the family.

Posted in Press Centre on 21 June 2008
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Is slashing the price of its Duraband Set Top Box to an astounding £10 this weekend, following a Parliamentary report claiming 26 million analogue TV’s are still to be converted as part of the Digital Switchover. ASDA anticipates it will sell 10 times more set top boxes over the weekend thanks to the price investment. The digital switchover, which is happening region-by-region from now until 2012, will see the analogue signal switched off requiring all TVs to either be converted with a digital box which receives digital signals or analogue TVs to be replaced completely.
Posted in Press Centre on 26 June 2008
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Bangers and mash are firmly back on the menu as families look for ways to beat the credit crunch.

Asda has seen overall sales of its own brand Smartprice sausages and bacon rise by a massive 48.2%, with sales of the range’s gammon also increasing by a whopping 56%.

And, while a customer at Gordon Ramsay’s gastro pub The Devonshire will have to fork out £13 for sausages and gravy plus an extra £3.50 for mash, ASDA customers can feed the whole family a bangers, mash and carrot meal for less than £1.60.

Posted in Press Centre on 02 June 2008
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Figures released for the first time by ASDA today (20 June) show that Britons across the land are migrating to mince as they tighten their purse strings as the credit crunch deepens.

The retailer has seen a 35% increase in mince sales across the whole category ranging from its Smartprice option through to its Extra Special offering.

Putting its money where its mouth is and hot on the heels of the success of its 2p sausage ASDA announced today (20 June 2008) that it would reduce its Smartprice 400g packs of fresh mince from 96p to an amazing 50p.

Posted in Press Centre on 20 June 2008
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HARD-UP families struggling to cope with rocketing energy prices and rises in the cost of living have been dealt another blow with research that shows the cost of sending a child to school has risen to £1,077 – the fastest rate for more than 10 years.

Rising food prices have hit the cost of school meals and packed lunches and high petrol prices have made the school run more expensive.

Hardest hit are lower income families, who have more children than better-off families, and spend a larger proportion of their income on school costs like uniforms, meals and transport.

Posted in Press Centre on 05 June 2008
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Dads’ weekly wage is just one of the financial contributions he makes to family life. Experts at ASDA have calculated that if dads were paid an annual salary for all their unpaid jobs, they would earn a staggering £16,484*. From DIY around the house to giving lifts and washing the car, dad’s are often responsible for many tasks we take for granted.

This Father’s Day, ASDA calls on families to consider whether they have adequate financial protection for the most important man in their lives. With Life Insurance premiums starting from as little as £7.05 a monthˆ it’s much more affordable than many people assume.
Posted in Press Centre on 10 June 2008
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June 2008: and it’s being rumoured that Mayor Boris and David Beckham will appear at the Beijing closing ceremony on-board a Routemaster bus.

Now, London to Beijing is a mega 20,000 mile round-trip, so should that bus journey be by road, it would gobble around 2,000 gallons, approximately 9,100 litres of fuel, based on a return journey. Therefore, with ferociously rising fuel prices, this would equate to a total of £11,102; enough to purchase a new family car.

Posted in Press Centre on 23 June 2008