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ASDA today (Saturday 10th June 2006) was awarded The Grocer magazine's "Best for Price Supermarket Award" for the ninth year running.

The supermarket was cheapest on 30 different occasions in the annual survey, its nearest competitor only managed 14.

Dave Cheesewright, chief operating officer at ASDA said:

"We're pleased The Grocer has confirmed, for the ninth year running, that ASDA is Britain's best price supermarket.

"By shopping at ASDA customers are getting a month's worth of shopping free each year*.

"It's been a great team effort and wouldn't have been possible without all the hard work of our colleagues in our depots and stores across the UK.

"I'd also like to thank our suppliers who have once again helped us push prices even lower.

"The good news for customers is that we have no intention of slowing down - this year we've already rolled back 2000 prices and we're set to roll back even more, helping save shoppers millions."


Posted in Press Centre on 09 June 2006
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While the UK workforce grapples with the pensions’ crisis and the concept of working until the age of 68 and beyond, a new survey by Asda shows that seven out of ten people are looking actually looking forward to continuing working during retirement. 

The research shows that the baby boomer generation, which is now at, or nearing, retirement age, is no longer interested in a sedentary retirement, consisting of gardening and crosswords and is instead looking to fulfil dreams that may have been shelved because of parenting or professional commitments. 

Many are turning to part time work to fund this lifestyle, to keep them active and help them meet new people.   

David Smith, ASDA’s people director, said, “50 - 60 year olds are much more active than their predecessors and are more likely to cycle across France or go surfing on Bondi beach, than tend to herbaceous borders. 

"Our research shows that older people are bolstering their pensions and are much more likely to work a little longer to help subsidise retirement. 

"Our stores are an example of this trend and are full of older colleagues who are valued for their hardworking and contentious approach.”   

Asda challenged preconceptions about the UK workforce demographic over ten years ago with older workers becoming central to the business. 

It is fully committed to its older workforce and offers a number of incentives to the  over 50’s, such as Benidorm or carers’ leave, where colleagues over 50 years of age are offered up to three months’ unpaid leave regardless of job, contracted hours or length of employment while treating their service as continuous.   

Asda has also reinvented the long service award to reflect that those reaching retirement age are much more active than they used to be.  Asda's people get £300, an extra week's holiday, a gift and a bouquet! 

Many colleagues at Asda are reporting that they are using their cash and extra week's holiday to fund active pastimes and other physical retirement activities. 

Posted in Press Centre on 30 June 2006