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As cost of living pressures ease discretionary income rises 1.8 per cent on last year

  • Typical UK household has £166 a week disposable income
  • Families in Scotland are £4 a week better off compared to this time last year
  • Spending power falls by £2 a week in Northern Ireland
  • Higher share of households renting property in London leaves city dwellers with an income rise of £1 a week
  • South West has greatest increase at £5 per week
Posted in Press Centre on 25 May 2009
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ASDA has welcomed the findings from Food Standards Agency (FSA) customer research on front of pack labelling. The report states that shoppers would benefit from a single FOP scheme that includes the words ‘high, medium and low’, traffic light colours and percentage of Guideline Daily Amount (GDA). This system was introduced by ASDA in 2007.

Posted in Press Centre on 06 May 2009