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Asda Income Tracker shows family spending power is £10 per week less than last year

  • £10 a week fall in family spending power compared to the same month last year – represents the first month of improvement in the past 14 months
  • London has lowest fall in spending power; Northern Ireland the highest
  • Essential goods inflation reduced as fruit, bread and cereal prices fall
  • Average UK household had £172 a week of discretionary income in March 2011, 5.6 per cent lower than a year earlier

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that in March 2011, family spending power fell by £10 per week, the first time in 14 months that it hasn’t fallen lower than the previous month. The average family had £172 per week to spend in March, 5.6 per cent down from this time last year.

Posted in Press Centre on 19 April 2011
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  • The humble trampoline bounces the iPod Touch off the top of Asda Direct’s bestsellers list
  • Asda selling 10f JumpKING Combo trampoline at iconic price of just £99
  • 59% choose to spend money on gifts that gets their kids away from the TV and computers
  • 1 in 3 parents admit to choosing their child’s gift based on what they want to play with

Move over IPod touch, there’s a new craze in town. Having spent over 13 weeks at the top of Asda Direct’s bestselling chart, the iPod Touch 8GB has been bounced off the number one spot by a seriously springy and seemingly timeless toy – the trampoline.

The 10ft JumpKING Combo trampoline, complete with a safety enclosure, outsold the latest must-have Apple gadget last week, making it the most sought after item on the supermarket’s online store.

The first modern-day trampoline may have been built 75 years* ago, but clearly the nation’s love for this bounce-tastic toy hasn’t grown old. A survey by the supermarket giant reveals 52% of shoppers voted for the trampoline as the best large outdoor children’s toy, followed by swings (25%) and climbing frames (17%).

Posted in Press Centre on 07 April 2011