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Walmart today announced that Andy Bond will be leaving his role as President and CEO of Asda and is moving to a new role as Chairman of Asda’s Executive Committee. The company said it was its intention to appoint a new CEO for its UK business soon. In the interim, Andy will remain as CEO and be responsible for day-to-day management of Asda. His new role will be part-time and his responsibilities will include the smooth transition of the new CEO.

During his tenure as President and CEO, Asda colleagues have accomplished tremendous growth in the Asda business. Asda has recently had the most successful period in its history, revealing that 2009 was its best-ever year, capping 15 straight quarters of market outperformance and beating all its sales and profit targets, despite a very challenging economy.

Posted in Press Centre on 12 April 2010
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New research shows that 45 per cent of Asda Mums are undecided voters and 22 per cent think that the TV debates will help make up their mind

Nearly half of Asda Mums are planning to watch the TV debates, the first of which will air tonight on ITV at 8.30 pm. Twice as many more Asda Mums think that David Cameron will come out on top (63 per cent) than Gordon Brown (31 per cent) and only 1 per cent think that Nick Clegg will win the TV battle.

During the debate itself, the majority of Asda Mums think that David Cameron will be the most the likely to give the best answers (55 per cent), compared to Gordon Brown (32 per cent) and Nick Clegg (12 per cent). They also think that Gordon Brown will be the leader most likely to contradict himself (63 per cent) and the leader most likely to lose his temper during the debate (71 per cent).

When it comes to appearance, Asda Mums think that Gordon Brown is the most likely to look the scruffiest (73 per cent), while David Cameron is most likely to look the smartest (68 per cent). They also think that David Cameron is the most likely of the three to wear a shirt without a tie.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 April 2010
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Pressures on the cost of living mean annual growth remained weak for the fourth consecutive month

  • 1.3 per cent year on year decrease in discretionary income of average UK household
  • £2 a week decrease in family spending power compared with the same month a year ago
  • Fourth month in a row of weak annual growth in the Asda income tracker
  • Annual rate of inflation rises to 3.4 per cent in March

According to the latest Asda Income Tracker, the average UK family was £2 a week worse off in March 2010 than a year earlier.

Posted in Press Centre on 26 April 2010
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Party leaders target Asda Mums with online broadcast

As the election campaigning gains momentum, and in a first for a UK retailer, Brown, Cameron and Clegg will today post online election broadcasts at, exclusively addressing Asda shoppers.

With almost half (45 per cent) of Asda Mums still undecided about who to vote for, the messages from the main party leaders could be decisive in who they put a cross against on polling day.

In the Conservative broadcast, David Cameron meets mum of two Julie from Llandudno, Wales, and talks to her about why she has chosen to vote Tory in this election. Gordon Brown visits Asda Colindale and talks to shoppers about the election, as well as doing a direct appeal to Asda customers on how Labour’s policies help support families.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 April 2010
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  • Asda aspires to be market leader in non-food, and clear #2 in food within five years
  • Chain of 100 Asda supermarkets (smaller food stores) and 150 Asda Living (non-food stores) planned
  • Nationwide rollout of its “Order Online, Collect in Store” service completed
  • Asda to use global merchandising centers to further leverage Walmart’s global scale
  • Location of second Asda dedicated home shopping picking center unveiled in North London

LEEDS, England, Apr. 15, 2010 – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) outlined a number of ambitious plans to grow its U.K. operations within the next five years, by taking advantage of new growth opportunities and leveraging its global scale today at a meeting for the investment community held at Asda’s Home Office.

New chapter for Asda

“It’s time to open a new chapter in the Asda story, enabling us to become an even better food retailer; a broader non-food retailer; and a leader in e-commerce. Over the next five years, we have two clear aspirations — to be the market leader in general merchandise and clear number two for food,” said Andy Bond, Asda President and CEO.

Posted in Press Centre on 15 April 2010