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  • 1 in 3 of the nation’s men spend more on their mum than their partner
  • 1 in 5 often buy flowers for their mum, but their partner is lucky if they receive one bunch a year
  • Over half of men put on their best manners when mum is in the room
  • 60% would rather their partner witnesses their disgusting habits than their mum

It’s official, the UK is full of adoring mummy’s boys – and wives and girlfriends of these loving sons are in serious competition when it comes to present giving. A poll by supermarket giant Asda has revealed 1 in 3 men spend more on their mum’s presents than their partner’s, suggesting mum is still their number one girl.

Posted in Press Centre on 31 March 2011
Press Centre
  • Asda receives confirmation the OFT will not refer its acquisition of Netto to the Competition Commission;

  • Acquisition will add 147 Netto stores and 1.2m sq ft of space;

  • £100m-plus capital investment to convert the stores to Asda Supermarkets by end of 2011;

  • Organic growth set to add a further 21 stores and 550k sq ft, including seven Asda Superstores, four Asda Livings, ten Asda Supermarkets and five extensions to existing stores;

  • Same, low prices will be charged in all Asda stores nationwide, regardless of size, format or location

  • Customers in all converted Netto stores will also benefit from the Asda ten per cent price guarantee.

Asda confirmed today (Wednesday 9th March 2011) it is set to open 168 stores in 2011, adding 1.8m sq ft of retail food space, in the largest single year of growth in its history. The additional space is a combination of planned organic growth and the acquisition of 147 Netto stores.

The converted Netto stores will all trade under the Asda Supermarkets banner and will average 8,000sq ft in size. Shoppers in those stores will be able to complete a full weekly shop, with the number of products increasing five-fold compared to an existing Netto store.

All of Asda’s customers will also benefit from its national low price policy, which means prices do not differ from one store to the next, regardless of their size, format or location.

In addition to the 147 Netto conversions, Asda will also add a further 550k sq ft of space organically, including the opening of seven new Asda Superstores, four new Asda Livings, ten new Asda Supermarkets and five extensions to existing Asda stores. Last week Asda entered into a contract to acquire six stores from Focus DIY, which, subject to landlord’s approvals and appropriate local planning consents, will be converted into Asda Supermarkets.

Judith McKenna, Asda chief financial officer, said: “The combination of acquiring 147 Netto stores together with our organic growth plans means we will be able to save customers more money than ever before.

“We’ll also create 1,500 jobs as we convert all of the Netto stores into Asda Supermarkets.

“I want to thank my colleagues sincerely both at Netto and Asda for their patience and dedication throughout. Since we announced our intention last May to purchase these stores, it has been a long, drawn out process. I’m confident, based on the plans in place, the integration will be a huge success.”

Customers in all of Asda’s stores will continue to benefit from the Asda Price Guarantee (APG). The APG is powered by, ensuring both its price integrity and independence. If Asda isn’t at least ten per cent cheaper than Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose on a basket of comparable grocery products, Asda will refund the difference.

In total Asda is investing more than £100m in capital converting the stores, helping create hundreds more jobs for its building and shop-fitting contractors. The first converted Netto stores – in Worksop, Wakefield and Stainforth – will open in May.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 March 2011
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Asda reveals what men want, and what they really get.

  • Two thirds of men say they prefer their girlfriends ‘au natural’
  • 11% of women get out of bed before their partner wakes to apply their make-up
  • 1 in 3 women wear a full face of make-up even when home alone
  • Kate Middleton over Katie Price any day of the year

Despite research from Asda that two thirds of men prefer their woman to look fresh-faced, 11% of the females surveyed admitted to getting up first thing to apply their slap before their partners wake. Unbeknown to their slumbering beau beside them they apply their make-up, and then slide back into bed beside their partner so he wakes up to a vision of loveliness.

The recent poll by the supermarket giant, conducted to celebrate the launch of its new George make-up range, also asked shoppers how often they dared to bare all and go without make-up. 1 in 3 women admitted to wearing ‘the works’ even when they’re home alone, with a further 28% refusing leaving the house without their so-called ‘mask’ on.

Contrary to what many women think, their men prefer the natural look. While smoky eyes, glossy lips and flawless skin may make a woman feel her absolute best, research from Asda shows it’s only herself that she will be impressing. And the same applies to the world of celebrities. When asked to nominate whose look they preferred, men rated these famous faces in the following order:

  1. Kate Middleton
  2. Natalie Portman
  3. Katie Holmes
  4. Jennifer Lopez
  5. Katie Price

Psychologically, make-up is said to act as a mask or a barrier for women to ‘hide’ behind both literally and metaphorically. Without their make-up, 39% of the customers polled felt ‘less attractive’, 31% felt ‘less confident’ and only 9% actually felt liberated with a clean face.

Commented Anna Coote, Health & Beauty Marketing Manager at Asda: “Wearing make-up is not just about vanity, it’s about giving women confidence and empowering them in every area of their life. We’ve re-designed and re-launched our George make up to offer our customers a range of products at affordable prices. Whether our shoppers like to wear thick and dramatic make-up, or keep it natural and light, there are products, shades and colours for every early riser, every skin tone and every preference – whether the men like it or not, make-up is here to stay!”

Visit your local Asda store to see the complete range of George make-up. Prices start from £1.75 for Quick Dry Nail Varnishes.

Posted in Press Centre on 31 March 2011
Press Centre
  • Asda is the UK’Â’s first supermarket to stock an exclusive range of HersheyÂ’s chocolate
  • Brits have spoken; demand for HersheyÂ’s in the UK has prompted Asda to stock an exclusive range
  • Brits stock up on HersheyÂ’s more than any other product when they holiday in America
  • Asda uses the power of Walmart to bring iconic brands to British customers

Following thousands of requests from shoppers to bring HersheyÂ’s, the iconic American chocolate brand, to the UK, Asda is bringing the best of the US to Britain and is the first supermarket in the UK to stock an exclusive range of the much-loved American treats.

Research by the supermarket giant reveals HersheyÂ’s is the state-side treat that over half of Brits who holiday in America bring home with them. 62% of shoppers said they would like to get their hands on HersheyÂ’s in the UK, prompting Asda to meet customer demand through its relationship with Walmart and launch the range in store this week.

The 12 HersheyÂ’s products include the iconic dark and milk chocolate Kisses, bars and milk chocolate Nuggets, plus an exclusive Extra Creamy addition. The new Extra Creamy recipe has been created for Brits unaccustomed to the distinctive taste of original HersheyÂ’s, to give their taste buds an even creamier, chocolatey experience.

Posted in Press Centre on 25 March 2011
Press Centre

Asda Income Tracker shows accelerated growth in cost of living is double the rise in earnings growth

  • £11 a week fall in family spending power compared to the same month a year ago is the largest decline since the Income Tracker began
  • It represents the 14th month of consecutive decline
  • Average UK household had £169 a week of discretionary income in February 2011, 6.2 per cent lower than a year earlier

The latest Asda Income Tracker has revealed that in February 2011, family spending power fell by £11 per week, the largest fall on record and the third record breaking month in a row. The average family had £169 per week to spend in February, 6.2 per cent down from £180 this time last year.

The continued decline in family spending power in 2010 and into 2011 was the result of the price of essential goods and services rising faster than net income growth. Gross incomes grew by 2.2 per cent in January 2011 year-on-year, down from 2.4 per cent in January. Inflation on the consumer price index was at 4.4 per cent in February – notably up from the 4 per cent growth recorded in January and the highest rate of inflation since October 2008.

Download the full report

Posted in Press Centre on 26 March 2011
Press Centre

Quality JumpKING trampoline on sale at Asda for £99

If the cost of keeping your family entertained throughout the summer months makes you hopping mad, head down to Asda and pick up a JumpKING trampoline for just £99. The fantastic price and top quality is sure to keep all of you bouncing along until autumn and beyond.

The trampoline, which is better value than competitors, does not compromise on quality. The unique to JumpKING, splinter-proof enclosure, will not slack over time, offering maximum safety to your little ones. It also means little fingers can’t reach the springs from inside the trampoline, preventing any tears at play time and allowing you to get on with relaxing in the garden.

The trampoline will last long past the summer, even if it is kept outside for months on end. Rising to 10ft in height and offering an impressive 7.9ft trampoline ‘jumping’ surface, the trampoline is suitable older children too and will last them through any ‘growth spurts’. Even ‘big kids’ like you can give your children a run for their money as unlike other trampolines on the market, the 56 galvanized steel springs allow for an impressive 90kg (14st 2lbs) weight limit.

Tracey Brunton, Customer Planner for Toys at Asda says: “Parents can be safe in the knowledge that this trampoline is the best on the market in terms of quality and is offered at an excellent price. The top quality materials used won’t buckle under pressure, slack over time and will keep your little jumpers safe. We always work hard to pass on the best prices to our customer and what proves it more than this great deal.”

All Asda JumpKING products come with the dedicated JumpKING after sales and warranty support.

Posted in Press Centre on 31 March 2011
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  • 72% of shoppers took up smoking to be rebellious

  • 74% of smokers cite cost as the biggest reason for giving up

  • Average smoker watching £111,400 go up in smoke

It takes the average smoker no less than seven attempts to kick the habit before they’re finally smoke free. A survey by supermarket Asda reveals 63% of smokers have attempted to give up smoking and on average failed seven times before they actually kick the habit.

“Being rebellious” is the main reason 72% of shoppers surveyed take up smoking, with stress and struggling with cravings being cited as the reasons why smokers struggle to kick the habit. Health factors and pressure from family have been cited as key triggers to kicking the habit, but 74% of smokers admit cost is the biggest factor.

Posted in Press Centre on 09 March 2011
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  • Asda offers shoppers the exclusive chance to buy a 12 minute cycle washing machine – currently the fastest in the UK
  • Could save the average shopper 212,415 gallons of water and 2.4 years of time in a lifetime
  • In 12 minutes you could travel from Leeds to Sheffield on the train, run two miles, or cook a perfect steak…
  • Can reduce Asda shopper’s energy consumption by 30% and water usage by 15%

In the words of Doctor Who: “Oh, you can do loads in 12 minutes. Suck a mint, buy a sledge, have a fast bath…”, and now you can even machine wash your clothes. A range of 12-minute cycle washing machines – currently the fastest washing machines in the UK – is now available exclusively to Asda.

The three Russell Hobbs washing machines all have a “super rapid 12 minute program”, which will save the average family a massive 212,415 gallons of water – enough water to fill almost 17 average-sized swimming pools – and a whopping 2 years 4 month of time in an average adult’s lifetime, compared with the current average 90 minute wash cycle.

Posted in Press Centre on 17 March 2011