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One of the most expensive meats in the world, costing up to £100 per kilo, could soon be on sale at Asda – for a fraction of the price.

Wagyu meat, coveted by gourmets and multi-millionaires for its mouth watering, tender, succulent flavours, is normally imported from Japan.

But now the supermarket plans to establish the first commercial-scale herds of prized Wagyu cattle here, in the UK – cutting costs, boosting supply and sending prices plunging.

Posted in Press Centre on 05 February 2008
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ASDA, renowned for offering best value, will be selling two dozen red roses for a staggering £4 just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a fraction of the price of Marks & Spencer who are charging customers £4.99 for just one red rose, and whilst other supermarkets are selling a dozen red roses for just under a fiver*, ASDA is offering customers double the roses for less money.

The supermarket’s bouquet of two dozen red roses is TWENTY TIMES cheaper than the price charged by some well-known floral delivery firms.

Posted in Press Centre on 13 February 2008
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As the cold weather grips the nation, the Arctic Monkey’s have created the quickest trend after wearing flat caps on the red carpet on Wednesday night.

The very traditional British look was fitting to the occasion, and saw the northern heroes take home Best British Group and Album awards, but music fans watching last night have hot footed it to the stores today and ASDA has found that sales of its traditional flat caps have gone up by 75% compared to Wednesday.

Posted in Press Centre on 22 February 2008
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Local dairy farmers were today celebrating breaking through the 50 million pint barrier just five years after ASDA sold its first ever locally sourced pint of milk from Trewithen Farm in Cornwall.

Since 2002, the retailer has increased its local milk offer to include over 70 local brands which are now available in nearly two thirds of its stores nationwide.

Posted in Press Centre on 29 February 2008
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A group of ASDA dairy farmers were today celebrating hitting the three billion pint mark more than three years after joining the ASDA Dairylink scheme.

The innovative scheme ensures each of the 550 participating Dairylink farmers is paid a 1p per litre premium for supplying the supermarket with fresh milk, equivalent to £8,000 more in their back pockets each year.

Since the scheme was launched in 2004, more than £12m has been paid out in milk premiums by ASDA to its dedicated farmers.

Posted in Press Centre on 04 February 2008