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As many future brides to-be embrace the leap year tradition of proposing to their other halves tomorrow, few will spare much thought for the huge cost of holding a wedding.  

With the average UK wedding now costing close to £11,000* it can be a real financial burden for many couples, but by shopping at ASDA couples can save over £9,000 and can hold a wedding for close to £1,300

Posted in Press Centre on 28 February 2008
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  • Town centre ASDA stores will stop selling alcohol between midnight and 6 am
  • Challenge 25 proof of age scheme extended to 100 more stores (following successful pilot in Scotland)
  • Number of independent test purchases doubled, with success and failure rates published online
  • Under 18s who illegally attempt to purchase alcohol may be prosecuted by ASDA for breaking thelaw·
  • High alcohol fruit flavoured shot sized ‘shooters’ removed from sale
  • £1m invested into targeted youth projects aimed at reducing underage alcohol consumption

ASDA today (Monday 25th February) announced a comprehensive package of measures aimed at limiting access to alcohol in its stores, making it harder for under 18s to break the law. The supermarket is also stopping selling alcohol after midnight in town centre stores, to prevent people leaving late night bars and clubs from purchasing even more booze.

Posted in Press Centre on 25 February 2008
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Wal-Mart announced today (19th February) that ASDA had exceeded both its sales and profit plan for the financial year ended 31st January 2008.

For the full year ASDA’s comp sales (like-for-like), excluding the positive impact from fuel, were up in the ‘mid single digits’, with total sales increasing in the ‘high single digits’.

Despite operating in a tough retail environment, ASDA also reported that a number of its stores in the UK had achieved some of the highest sales volumes across the Wal-Mart global business.

Posted in Press Centre on 19 February 2008
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 Asda Durabrand Microwave

Model number XB2316

Retail price - £22.75

Barcode - 5050854397271  

What's Happened? 

Three customers have contacted us to tell us that this particular model of microwave has been overheating. As we are concerned that this is a fire risk we have taken the decision to recall this model. We are glad to say that no one has been hurt. 

What You Should Do 

If you own one of these microwaves, disconnect it from the mains supply and stop using it. Bring back the microwave to your nearest ASDA, you don't need the box or the receipt. 

We'll then give you your money back.   

It goes without saying we are very sorry indeed.

Posted in Press Centre on 01 February 2008
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Today, ASDA announced the roll out of its management apprenticeship programme, following a successful four-store-pilot in the London region.

The trial, which began in September, last year, will take 16 apprentices through a two year programme to become departmental store managers. The recruits from the Colindale, Wembley, Burgh Heath and Clapham stores will be the first to ‘graduate’ from the scheme, which will now roll out to further ASDA stores across the London area.*

Posted in Press Centre on 25 February 2008
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ASDA announced today (20th February) its biggest jobs programme this decade, creating more than 9,000 new jobs through new store openings, extensions and business expansion.

7,000 jobs will be created over the next twelve months through the opening of between 10 and 12 new superstores, 10 Living stores and 12 extensions to existing outlets. In addition to this, a further 1500 jobs will be created through the expansion of Home Shopping and ASDA Direct.

The new store programme, which begins with the opening of Andover store in Hampshire this March, will add over 800,000 sq ft to the retailer’s estate representing an investment of around £400m.

Posted in Press Centre on 20 February 2008
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To celebrate the leap year tradition of women proposing marriage to the man in their life on 29 February, ASDA is offering ladies in love the perfect gift to pop the question with – an exclusive men’s engagement ring at a real gem of a price!

The nine carat ring set with three diamonds comes in two colour gold and is available from all ASDA stores with a jewellery counter for just £37, making it possible for ladies-in-love to pop the question, without having to pop to their bank for a loan.

ASDA is even offering a free re-sizing service to make sure the ring perfectly fits the ring-finger of their husband-to-be.

What’s more, ASDA is also providing an extra special way for women to amplify their affections on 29 February.

Posted in Press Centre on 27 February 2008
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It’s the news every woman will dread to hear – men DO think more of their mums than their girlfriends and wives.

While millions of furious partners have always suspected that this was the case, no one has ever had the proof – until now.

But sales figures from supermarket ASDA reveals that, across a wide range of goods, men will spend, on average, over 39 per cent more on their mum this Mother’s Day than for their partners on Valentine‘s Day.

Said ASDA spokesman Ed Watson: “ Wives and girlfriends may think they are the love of his life, but our figures show that every man only ever really loves one woman – his mum.”

Posted in Press Centre on 28 February 2008
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Competitors will be simmering as customers take advantage of the incredibly low price that ASDA is offering on Delia Smith’s tasty new cookbook, which goes on sale this Friday (15th February 2008).

Customers will be able to pick up a copy of her hotly anticipated ‘How to Cheat at Cooking’ for just £8. This is a staggering 60% off the recommended retail price, and cheaper than any other supermarket. Booksellers such as such as Waterstones and WHSmith are offering the book at £9.99 and £10 respectively.*

Thousands of copies of the book will be hitting shelves, with Delia’s latest culinary bible on sale at every one of ASDA’s 342 stores.

Posted in Press Centre on 14 February 2008
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ASDA is adding zest to Fairtrade Fortnight by being the first retailer to bring the Fairtrade lime to market from Brazil.

The popularity of limes is growing with people preferring them to lemons for cookery ingredients and serving with drinks.

With the sales of limes increasing ASDA has introduced the Fairtrade variety to give customers more choice and to enable the Fairtrade brand to benefit from the fruit’s increased status.

Posted in Press Centre on 20 February 2008