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  • Asda CEO predicts another year of ‘intense pressure’ for supermarket retailers
  • Retailer first to take immediate action by transforming the way it buys products to release a further £500m in lowering prices and further improving quality
  • ‘Impactful changes and decisive action’ imperative for success in 2016

Asda President and CEO Andy Clarke has today announced an additional £500m investment in lowering prices as he predicts another year of intense pressure for supermarket retailers against a turbulent global economic backdrop.

The news coincides with confirmation from EMD – Europe’s leading buying alliance with a combined turnover of 178bn Euros – that Asda will shortly become a member. EMD is made up of 14 national buying structures and pools the collective buying power of 250 supermarket chains. Its work with Asda will be focussed on developing Asda’s own label ranges, including Extra Special.

Combined with a radical shake-up of the retailer’s approach to buying alongside the leverage from Asda-owned IPL (now the number three UK food supplier) and being part of Walmart, will release significant savings from its supply chain. These savings will permanently benefit customers through price cuts and further investment in quality.

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Posted in Press Centre on 10 January 2016
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  • The average UK household had a weekly disposable income of £194 in December, up £13 on December 2014
  • Annual growth in spending power slowed to its lowest rate for 14 months – due to a slow down in wage growth and a slight increase in inflation
  • Some regions told a different story – London’s spending power remained highest. The East of England experienced the biggest growth and closed its gap on London, while households in the North East saw the smallest rise

Asda’s latest Income Tracker has revealed that UK families welcomed another double-digit increase in spending power last month. As employment levels continued to rise (1.9% year-on-year), disposable income reached £194 a week, up £13 compared to the same time last year.

However, in spite of the welcome boost to wallets, this 7.2% year-on-year growth in spending power marked the lowest percentage increase since October 2014. This was due to the recent slowdown in wage growth and a slight increase in inflation.

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Posted in Press Centre on 28 January 2016
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UK Community Foundations today welcomed Walmart Foundation’s grant of £175,000 towards its UK Winter Flood Recovery Appeal. Walmart Foundation is the charitable arm of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., parent company of Asda. The Asda and the Walmart Foundations have put forward more than £675,000 to help flood recovery efforts.

Chief Executive, Fabian French said: “We are delighted to have received such a generous grant from the Walmart Foundation as part of their mission to give people access to a better life in areas that they serve. The donation will go to locally managed programmes that will make a positive impact on their communities.”

The money will be distributed to the eight UK community foundations in the areas currently devastated by flood and storm damage to meet the urgent need of supporting the clean-up operations, emergency repairs, clothing, food, water, heating and child care.

Alex Simpson, Chair of the Asda Foundation said: “These floods have been an extremely challenging time for families and communities across the UK, so we welcome the additional £175,000 from the Walmart Foundation to support the UK Winter Flood Recover Appeal. On top of this the Asda Foundation is still supporting and working with local communities affected with its £500,000 local disaster fund.

The community foundations will ensure that the money is distributed to where it can be used most effectively with priority given to supporting the most vulnerable including the elderly, people on low incomes, families with young children and those with additional support needs.

Since the launch on 5 January 2016 the UK Community Foundations UK Winter Flood Recovery Appeal has raised over £400,000 to help flood victims.

Posted in Press Centre on 28 January 2016