ASDA is committed to the sustainable use of fisheries resources. To assist us in this, we have partnered with a leading fisheries organisation the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. All our chilled fish suppliers are now assessing their fish sourcing with an external evaluation organisation, the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership.

Asda and SFP

Asda is supporting SFP programmes at a global and regional level, for example:

  • We have spent the last 12-18 months accurately identifying our source fisheries and require our suppliers to report the volumes of product supplied at the resolution of specific source fisheries (e.g. species, gear, jurisdiction).
  • We are using SFP’s Sustainable Seafood Metrics to evaluate our source fisheries and have held workshops with our suppliers to ensure they understand we view them as partners in this process and are aware that the system requires accurate and regular data inputs (metrics does not replace legal obligations re traceability and the accuracy of these data requires internal due diligence).

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Posted by Chris on 01 November 2011