Just returned from the International Dairy Federation Conference in Berlin. Had a quick wander through the city and was struck by how much investment in cycleways had been done. The video shows cycle lanes by a dual carriageway on one of the way routes (to Potsdam Plaza) and the cycle-racks at the library. Hard to think of a similar scenario for London or Leeds!

Posted by Chris on 24 September 2009

Hi, I’m Chris. I studied Agriculture at the University of Wales, Bangor, so I’m pretty much obsessed with farming and have been from a young age.

Chris Brown

Basically if it grows, walks or swims I’m interested and, as Head of Ethical and Sustainable sourcing, it’s my responsibility to make sure Asda does the right thing. Amazingly I’ve worked here for 8 years now – it really doesn’t feel like that long!

As well as making sure all of our products are sourced responsibly, a key part of my role is responding to the wider green living debate, which is why I spend a lot of my time working on supplier carbon footprints as well as working to lower carbon products.

Posted by Chris on 23 September 2009


The world’s dairy industry has come together to cooperate on climate change. The representative organisations have agreed:

  • to promote methods to assess the carbon footprint of milk and dairy products
  • to promote the adoption of best practices to advance the establishment of tools to facilitate measurement and monitoring of emissions
  • to promote greater farmer understanding of agricultural emissions and opportunities
  • to reduce GHG on farm to support sharing of information and aligning research efforts

It’s a really commendable effort for a huge global industry to be able to agree to collaborate to address climate change.

Other areas of food and natural resource industries now have a template to assess their approach to climate change.

I gave a retailer view which generated a fair number of questions and a Canadian dairy farmer who was interested in understanding supermarket problems which was novel.

Posted by Chris on 25 September 2009