Cows on the moo’ve? It’s been a long winter for us all and these cows are enjoying the sunshine and spring grass for the first time this year. It’s pretty plain to see how pleased they are to be outside for the first time in nearly six months.

Cheese is a staple food for many people; versatile and with different interesting tastes and textures. But how do you get from fresh liquid milk to the cheese on a plate of ploughmans?

How does ASDA make sure the taste and flavour is what you expect each time you buy it? Allow me to share with you the care and attention that goes into making Wyke Farms’ ASDA cheddar cheese – an award winning product.

Each block of cheese has its own characteristics of flavour and texture and the cheeses are graded according to how they are maturing. The very best are matured to become vintage cheddar for which Wyke Farms has an international reputation and you can buy as ASDA Vintage Cheddar.

Posted by Chris on 21 April 2010