ASDA has been selling low carbon eggs since 2006/7. These are from free range farms which are powered using renewable energy (wind and solar). To help customers choose and also to see if there was a demand for this type of product we sell the eggs in a distinctive package – Respectful.

Respectful eggs

Out of curiosity, I was wondering what the planetary effect of selling these eggs had been. So..

Respectful has sold 31,565,640 eggs. This is equivalent to a carbon saving of 88 tonnes. Or to put it in another way

88 tonnes of carbon are equivalent to; centrally heating 46 houses by gas for a year or running 110 small cars on average mileage for a year (or 44 executive cars) or taking 98 long haul flights.

It might seem that just buying an egg it’s not going to make that much of a difference but actually when a lot of people make a lot of small changes it adds up.

Oh, and eggs are a really good, cheap meal as well.

Posted by Chris on 09 March 2010