There has been considerable media coverage of the meal options that fish species other than the usual suspects (cod, haddock, salmon etc) can provide. As well as giving new tastes and flavours, the use of these species can give a more balanced use of marine resources.

This time of year usually sees an increase in healthy eating, and with this more fish, but this year ASDA is seeing rises in fresh fish sales. Mackerel is up by over 100% and the mackerel kebabs by over 50%. Other species such as Sardines have increased sales by nearly 100%.

The UK shellfish are often overlooked but customers have responded to their quality and fresh mussel sales are up by over 50%

Consumers are following through with changes in their other fish purchases and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) canned mackerel sales are up by nearly 200%.

We are responding with extending the ranges of seafood species as customers recognise the value and role in sustaining the fisheries for the future.

Posted by Chris on 31 January 2011

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Fish Fight programmes on Channel 4 in the week beginning 10th January 2011 have highlighted the Governmental policy of discarding fish when managing fisheries within the European Union.

Asda recognises the challenges faced by regulators, fishermen and fish processors in balancing what are often conflicting forces. However, Asda does not support the use of a policy of discards within the Common Fisheries Policy. We support the policy being changed to avoid the discarding of fish.

Posted by Chris on 16 January 2011