Paul W

George has been working with this Turkish sock supplier for 13 years. This family business has been in existence for 41 years and currently produces over 5 million pairs of socks per month.

Sock cam

The camera is located in the knitting area in view of their new link toe machines, which runs on a 24 hour shift pattern, six days per week.

Previously the toes on the socks would have been closed or stitched by a sewing machine operator. On this type of new modern machinery this can now be carried out on the same machine that is knitting the sock.

Obviously this makes the process much more efficient, but there is also the added benefit of comfort. The new method means that the toe seam is virtually seam free.

These knitting machines are capable of producing on average one pair of socks every 5 to 6 minutes depending on the design and size.

Posted by Paul W on 17 June 2010