So it would seem at first glance I drew the short straw on this one, a blog about the perfect game for mum. From personal experience that rules out the games I personally prefer – the FIFAs, Formula 1s and CODs of this world, as I can’t say I’ve ever come across my mum online in a team deathmatch.

But after a little thought it struck me. What is the one thing that women (and some men I’m led to believe) have been going crazy for? Zumba!

The dance craze that has swept the nation is also the Wii game that has propped up the ageing formats sales for the most part of 2011, and this Christmas comes the much anticipated follow up Zumba 2 (the creativity in the naming department at 505 is to be commended for that one, what will they think of next???).

The success of the first Zumba genuinely came as a surprise to many in the games industry, including us at Asda, but it has sold in great numbers and the reviews from its players have also been good. The upbeat rhythms and fun dance moves can’t fail to make you smile, and Zumba 2 is more of the same.

If your mum has Zumba’d in her time then she will definitely love this game… the only thing to be careful of is the potential conclusions she’ll draw from the fact you bought her an exercise game for Christmas, but if you carefully negotiate through that minefield then you’re on a sure-fire winner with Zumba!

Posted by Alastair on 12 December 2011

The season of good will is upon us again and it’s time for all the family to gather round and argue, fight and get on each others nerves… or this year you could treat everyone and by one of these lovely family favourites to keep everyone entertained.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 2012

This is a great game to get everyone involved, lots of great events from the Olympics games, lots of fun and a great way burn off a few Christmas calories too.

XBOX Kinect

With the new update coming to the XBOX 360 on the 6th December this piece of kit for the XBOX will finally come into its own. It now has great functions that you can easily control through voice activation which is bound to impress the older generation and you can play lots of family games like Kinect Sports 2 and Kinect Adventures that you get bundled with the Kinect unit.

Posted by Adi on 12 December 2011

Pester power is on us and as parents it is time to show our knowledge and buy our children the perfect gifts. We need to remember that the expensive electronic diary or plastic lightsaber that we buy them will be used, broken and discarded within the day but a good computer game can occupy for hours!

I have four recommendations that will do the job in hand.

Skylanders (Multi Format)

This is a great concept, a game that is enhanced by collectable figures. Your loved ones will use their portal of power to bring their vast array of creatures to life on the screen and use them to battle through the numerous levels.

You can even save your stats to your figures and take them round to your friend’s house and show off!

Moshi Monsters (DS)

The must-have licence of 2011. All parents will have heard of Moshi Monsters, the collectable cards, the subscription, the numerous toys… and now the DS game.

Your children will be searching for Moshlings and adding them to their Moshling zoo. This sounds weird but over 50 million people worldwide cannot be wrong. Your children will want this game!

Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

All the classic courses and 16 new ones – customise your Karts, glide through the air and dive under water, there is so much to love about this game.

You can battle with your friends locally or online, and believe me as a parent even I want to play this!

Disneyland Adventures (360 Kinect)

“Can we go to Disneyland?”
“Can we go to Disneyland?”
“Can we go to Disneyland?”
“No… hold on. Yes, you can!”

Using the fantastic Kinect attachment for your 360 you can explore the Disneyland Park. The joy on your children’s faces as they engage in quests and interact with the attractions is one to capture on your Christmas snaps.

Oh and another thing – this is cheaper than Paris or America!

Posted by Greg on 12 December 2011

I think it’s fair to say that the dads among us are the real un-sung heroes of the family (dubiously good start so far…). With this in mind, I would like to propose a couple of games that will fit neatly in to his busy days, by providing instant satisfaction even if he has only a few moments to spare.

First – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This game is quite a big deal, causing millions of gamers around the globe to queue up at midnight, armed only with a flask of Bovril and an umbrella, to get their hands on one of the best first person shooters ever made.

This game is the final piece of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series and takes you through the streets of London, Paris and New York, with fantastic visuals and edge-of-the-seat action.

The beauty of this game for the ‘Modern’ Dad (see what I did there), is the opportunity to reward those small moments of ‘Dad-time’ with a quick burst of frantic online multiplayer, for which Modern Warfare is most famous for. Re-designed killstreaks, better perks and brand new game modes all contribute to a deeply satisfying experience.

Secondly, no father should be without a sports game therefore my second suggestion is FIFA 12. EA rarely fail to deliver a brilliantly crafted sports game and FIFA 12 has everything you could want.

Further jiggery-pokery to the control systems and gameplay (or the ‘Player impact engine’ as the boffins say), has delivered a whole new aesthetic to the franchise. Dribbling is more accurately controlled, defensive play is more tactical and your team mates are more intuitive.

There are tons of features and game modes to get involved with but the real appeal, for me anyway, is that you can have a quick ‘do’ whilst the wife is getting ready without her realising you’re not doing your jobs. Back of the net!

Posted by Luke on 12 December 2011