If you’d told any football fan ten years ago that in October 2011 Man City would ever go to Old Trafford and win 6-1 you’d have been dismissed as a raving lunatic. Likewise if you’d told any gamer just 5 years ago that in October 2011 EA could produce a Battlefield game to rival the all conquering Call of Duty series they’d have blocked your gamer tag and refused to ever play COOP with you again.

But just like Mancini’s boys rolled into Old Trafford and gave Fergie something to mull over as he sank his bottle of Red on Sunday night so the boys at EA’s Dice studio have given Activision a real headache. Battlefield 2 was a great game, and whilst its sales numbers obviously got nowhere near the behemoth of COD the acclaim from fans and critics alike meant it was a stepping stone to bridging the gap.

With Battlefield 3 EA have got a whole lot closer again. Without getting too technical (as I’m really not qualified) the new Frostbite 2 gaming engine has meant an awesome experience which even the most ardent COD fan would have to acknowledge is pretty special.

All of the key areas of gameplay have stepped on from Battlefield 2, it’s graphically superior, the action is totally absorbing and the online play is better than ever (backed up with the E3 Games Critic Award for best online multiplayer).

I for one will be online and playing on release date tomorrow and if you want to join me then get down to your local Asda and pick up a copy from midnight tonight for just £37.47, or if you want a real steal visit the Asda Direct website and visit our Battlefield 3 store and get yourself a copy for just £33.97 (limited time offer) at

Posted by Alastair on 27 October 2011