Paul D

I love this time of year – Halloween (then Bonfire Night) really makes you feel like a kid again. But for our pumpkin farmers it must be a bit different.

Imagine you grow carving pumpkins for a living and spend 50 weeks of the year building up to this one event! What if you get to October and all your crop is a funny shape, or they don’t turn orange in time!

However, on Mark’s farm in Kent all was going well a couple of weeks ago when we visited. There were a few green ones, but fear not……… he has a plan.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by Paul D on 12 October 2011
Chris J

In conjunction with Lincolnshire Field Products, Chris visited Kevley’s in Cambridgeshire to review pumpkin quality on Friday 14th October.

The quality of pumpkins was good and they are currently being split graded into sizes and packed into palletainers, to be distributed to ASDA stores. If there are any questions, please let us know.

Posted by Chris J on 17 October 2011