At Asda we are getting 100% behind the Red Tractor campaign by dramatically increasing the size of the Red Tractor logo on our British meat labelling.

British Meat Labelling

Why are we doing this? Because raising awareness of the Red Tractor logo will help our customers to identify British meat in our stores. Not only that, the Red Tractor logo is a well recognised symbol of excellence in farming, so meat carrying the Red Tractor logo is guaranteed to have been reared to the highest farming and welfare standards on farm assured British farms.

So next time you’re shopping at Asda and you want to support British farmers who go that extra mile to ensure your meat is farmed to the highest standards, then remember to look our for the Red Tractor logo.

Posted by Pearce on 09 December 2009

Inochi, the first Asda Wagyu calf born at Barony Agricultural College, is thriving and appears to be enjoying the media attention judging by her reaction when I started filming her in her pen last Friday! Now two months old, she has been weaned off milk and is enjoying a diet of silage (pickled grass) and cereals grown on the college farm.


Posted by Pearce on 07 December 2009