To ensure Asda BeefLink farmers continue to produce the right type of cattle and to encourage them to breed more female replacements, Asda have launched the availability of a new beef sire, a Simmental bull called Omorga Samson.


Samson was bought in February 2007 for 22,000gns (£23,100) – a world record price for a Simmental bull in the UK. Samson has all the right attributes for producing top quality beef cattle, so Asda have purchased straws of semen from him which we will be offering to our own beef producers at a massive 75% discount.

Samson is ranked as one of the top performing Simmental sires so he will definitely leave some great progeny. Samson’s performance figures are just what our beef producers should be looking for. He is easy calving, making him suitable on heifers and has the added bonus of being able to produce good carcass cattle as well.

We look forward to seeing some off his offspring on Asda beef farms soon.

Posted by Pearce on 21 June 2010

Sunday June 13th saw a nationwide campaign kick into gear inviting members of the general public on to farms all over the UK to see firsthand what’s great about British farming.

As principal sponsors of “Open Farm Sunday,” we at Asda were delighted to be involved with Mick and Sandra Asher at Mill Farm, Oxton, Nottingham. This farm saw hundreds of people come on to the farm to meet the animals and learn about British farming.

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Posted by Pearce on 23 June 2010