Things are beefing up for Asda producers at the moment with the launch of our Asda National Suckler Strategy Group.

At the Paris show

Many beef producers across the UK are constantly battling with issues such as the increasing threat of animal diseases such as bovine TB, a lack of young people coming in to the industry and reducing suckler cow numbers. Because at Asda we care passionately about our beef producers and wish to continue to operate our “British is best” ethos, we have got together in conjunction with our processors ABP, to set up the NSSG and help tackle some of these issues.

The group includes some of the top beef farmers in the country and will be led by our red meat buying manager Jim Viggars who will work with the farmers to try and identify ways of battling some of the issues faced by Britain’s beef farmers.

We hope to have regular meetings on farm so the farmers can share their experiences with others in the group before deciding on the best possible methods to tackle various issues and hopefully spread their messages with other beef farmers up and down the UK.

To celebrate the launch I joined the group of farmers to the Paris Show, one of the highlights in the French faming calendar. We met some great producers in France and saw some of the finest beef animals the country has to offer.

Posted by Pearce on 12 April 2010

Mae prynwyr Cymru yn enwog am eu gwladgarwch at gynnyrch Cymreig, ac yn Asda rydym yn credu’n gryf mewn cynnyrch lleol. Nid yw’n syndod, felly, ein bod ar fin lansio detholiad o gig eidion Cymreig ymhob un o’n siopau Asda yng Nghymru. Yn dilyn yr un patrwm â bod cig eidion Gogledd Iwerddon yn cael ei farchnata yng Ngogledd Iwerddon, a chig eidion yr Alban yn cael ei farchnata yn siopau Asda’r Alban; bydd y detholiad Cymreig yn golygu rhoi lle ar y silffoedd i gig eidion gan gynhyrchwyr cig eidion Cymreig.

Os mynnwch chi, y detholiad o gig eidion Cymreig yw’r darn olaf yn jig-so rhanbarthol Asda. Wedi’i brisio yn debyg iawn i gynnyrch cig eidion eraill y siop, bydd y cig eidion Cymreig hwn yn cael ei gyflenwi i Asda trwy Dawn Meats, Crosshands, yn Ne Cymru.

Bydd y detholiad yn cynnwys:

Ochr orau’r forddwyd,
Ochr ucha’r ffolen,
Golwythion ystlys,
Golwythion eidion brasterog,
Golwythion brisged,
Stecen ffrio ac asen, yn ogystal â chig eidion wedi’i dorri ar gyfer caserol.

Felly cadwch lygad am y cynnyrch newydd yn eich siopau o Ebrill 12fed ymlaen.

Welsh consumers are well known for the patriotism to Welsh produce and at Asda we believe strongly in regional produce, so it’s no surprise we are just about to launch a Welsh beef range in all our 23 Asda stores in Wales.

Following a similar theme to the Northern Irish beef marketed in stores in Northern Ireland and Scotch beef marketed in Scottish Asda stores, the Welsh range will see beef on the shelves from Welsh beef producers.

If you like, the Welsh beef range is the final piece in Asda’s regional jigsaw. Similarly priced to other beef products in store, this Welsh beef will be supplied into Asda through Dawn Meats, Crosshands, in South Wales.

Products available in the range will include:
Top Rump,
Silverside joints,
fatted beef joints,
Brisket joints,
Ribeye steaks, as well as diced casserole beef.

So look out for the products in store from April 12 onwards.

Posted by Pearce on 01 April 2010