I did about 6 months ago and had to figure it out as we went along. However that’s all changed with the new iPhone app from the BTCV. In their own words:

“The BTCV app allows you to calculate how much food you could grow in your garden – and how much cash it could save you. Packed full of tips and advice, this app not only helps you to get growing your own fruit and veg but also tells you how many food miles you could be saving. There’s even a collection of celebrity recipes to help you decide what to do with all your home grown goodies. BTCV is the UK’s leading environmental volunteering charity.”

Saving money and living greener sounds very Asda too. We downloaded it and tried it out on the Walker-Palin allotment – it is brilliant. Definitely worth a free download, even if just to get the great recipes. Well done to the BTCV for yet another great innovation.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Our Christmas card recycling this December will again support the BTCV and go towards helping schools with their environmental programmes. Watch this space for more details soon.

Posted by Julian on 25 July 2011

Not only were we the first retailer in 2008 to sign up to WRAP’s zero construction waste to landfill pledge but we’re already seeing real results on the ground. This is great for the environment but, as you would expect from Asda, it also saves us money that we then use to lower prices for our customers.

The key colleague behind this initiative is Katie Hindle who gives us an insight in the vblog above. Katie and the team won “Highly Commended” in the Global Retail Leisure Industry Awards for diverting all construction waste from landfill during the building of our Gorseinon store in Wales – the first retailer to do this in the UK.

The competition was tough and global as we were up against projects in Abu Dhabi as well as the UK. Well done to Katie and to our partners, ISG Pearce.

Posted by Julian on 12 July 2011