A few weeks ago I was contacted by Unilever, who own Radox, to discuss partnering with them on a shower project. They want to better understand how long people spend in the shower so that they can help develop products that work more efficiently and so help you save water and therefore money too.

Save water, money and get free Radox!

We were delighted to help as this really aligns with our own views of
helping our customers to become more sustainable and also save money at the
same time.

They want 100 volunteers who live in the North West of England,
Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire so if you live there and want to take part
just let us know.

And they’ll give you a year’s supply of Radox shower gel just for taking
part too.

Posted by Julian on 30 June 2011

A strong desire to help the people of London save money whilst reducing their impact on the environment. In fact that’s always been our mantra so we were delighted to host The Mayor for the official launch of Source London – a brand new scheme that allows drivers of electric vehicles anywhere in London to find their nearest charging point. They can also now access them using one uniformly accepted smart tag.

It’s widely accepted that electrifying our vehicles across the UK is an essential step the country must take and now that there are some great vehicles available it’s becoming a reality. We’ve installed charging points in 5 London stores and have integrated them into the new Source scheme.

There were two elements of the day that I found most interesting, the cars on display and the media frenzy surrounding Boris. I’ve done my best to capture a flavour for you in the pictures below.

If you drive an EV in London then you can sign up to Source here.

Posted by Julian on 02 June 2011