I don’t know if you followed our global announcement but we’re really excited at Asda House. Walmart has announced a huge environmental target of a six-fold increase in renewable energy projects by 2020. That’s an ambitious target and one that we over here at Asda in the UK are excited to be part of. It’s part of how we challenge ourselves to become more sustainable whilst delivering low prices for our customers.

It was great to see Mike Duke, CEO at Walmart, making such an important commitment to the environment – something that he described as good for the world, good for our business and good for our customers. He also called out our energy colleagues as an exemplar across Walmart.

For our part, we’ve got a target to make sure that 30% of the energy used in our stores, depots and offices comes from renewable sources, from solar panels and wind turbines to heat pumps, by 2020. On energy efficiency we are not backing away either. We’ve committed that, no matter how much our business expands, we will use the same amount of electricity in 2020 as we did in 2012.

We’re already committed to reducing our impact on the environment, it’s something we take really seriously and we invest £10-15 million every year to help our stores, depots and offices reduce their energy use. Many of the energy reductions achieved already are down to colleagues changing the way they do everyday tasks. It’s not always about making revolutionary changes, we are communicating better with our colleagues, explaining how things work, which activities use the most energy and how to go about changing things…. and it all makes a real difference.

Of course, all of this is also common sense – energy is one of our major costs. With more efficient, cleaner and affordable energy we will lower our energy costs… and we can pass on these costs savings to our customers. It’s a win-win situation and I look forward to updating you on how we’re getting on!

Posted by Julian on 29 April 2013